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Herbs 3

Herbs 3 Clear adn purge heat

which type of heat can be cleared by herb in the heat clearing category? internal heat
what channels shi gao enter? LU and St
what is the fx of shi gao? clear heat, purge fire
which fo teh following herb is the best for toothace with stomach fire sx? Shi gao
if taken internally it can clear heat nd purge fire, and if applied externally it can clear heat and help healing the wound. the herb is shi gao
Which herb clears both repleted and vacuity heat? Zhi Mu
What is the FX of Zhi Mu? clears heat, purge fire, nourish yin, lubricate dryness
Which herb most commonly combined wiht Zhi Mu when it si used to clear deficient heat conditions? Huang Bai
What processing can increase Zhi Mu's downbearing nature stir fried in salty water
what is the common fx of Shi Gao and Zhi Mu? clear heat and purge fire
Which herb clears heat from LU and ST? Shi Gao, Zhi Mu, Lu Gen
Which herb do you choose in order to clear heat reolve irritability, cools the blood and stops bleeding? Shan zhi zi
Which herb can clear heat and relieve irritability? Zhi Zi
What is the tropism of Zhi Zi? Tree Jiao
Which herb enters SJ Zhi Zi, Chai Hu, Xiang Fu
Which herb is the best for px who has fever, irritability, thirst and dysuria? Dan Zhu Ye
Which is the fx of Xia Ku Cao? Clears heat, scatters noduel, lower blood pressure
Which of the following herbs clears heat, generates fluids and treats lung abcesses Lu Gen
Whihc herb can clear lung and stomach heat and promote pee Lu Gen
Which herb can clear heat, generate fluids and stop vomitting Lu Gen
Which herb can lower the cholesterol level? Jue Ming Zi
Created by: Ksellati