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GAS: Photoshop

(Graphic Arts Skills)

Edit Pictures/Photo Art Photoshop
Who founded Photoshop? John Knoll
Convert into Pixels by Cropping Rasterize
A Deselecting Tool of Lines The Marching Ants
The 3 primary stimuli for human color perception RGB (Red, Green, & Blue)
A Tower of Images (perfect for png backgrounds) Layer Tower
The 4 subtractive color models used in color printing Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, & Key
Plagerized Legal Rights Copyright
What tool commits small edges in photo editing? Magic Wand
Ink Image Editing Duotone
Color Matching Theory Pantone
A Picture or a Symbol waht represents something Icon
Layers, Channels, & History have what in common? Panel
A Squre dot on a image Pixel
What is the abbreviation of an invisible image? PNG
How Many tools are in the photoshop toolbar? Twenty Three
What retouching tool is used to clone pixel to pixel? Clone Stamp
A adjustment of color intensity Color Balance
A Digital Size of an Image File Size
To make my picture bigger Scale
When was Photoshop 1st Founded? September
Created by: zacktv321