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Modernism Literature

Brenham Eng III Modernism Lit Test

The name of the island Zaroff lives on is Ship Trap
The Most Dangerous Game is set in the Caribbean
Rainsford goes onto the deck to smoke a pipe
Rainsford is startled on the deck by the sound an animal roaring
Ennui is another word for boredom
At the beginning of the story, Rainsford and Whitney are on a boat near Ship-Trap Island
After swimming ashore, Rainsford ends up on a rocky shore just outside a jungle
General Zaroff and Rainsford both love to hunt
General Zaroff is no longer interested in hunting because it has become to easy for him
According to General Zaroff, the ideal animal is a man
When Rainsford learns that Zaroff hunts men, he thinks it is a joke and it mortified
On the first day of the hunt, Zaroff leaves Rainsford to prolong the hunt
Rainsford finally escapes by jumping into the sea
In the final scene of "The Most Dangerous Game" Zaroff dies
The protagonist in "The Most Dangerous Game" is Rainsford
The main antagonist in "The Most Dangerous Game" is Zaroff
Describing the night as being like moist velvet is an example of a simile
No one could hear Rainsford after he fell off of the boat into the water because everyone was asleep
Rainsford falls into the water because he tries to catch his pipe
After falling in the ocean, Rainsford reveals that he has strength and a will to survive
Tangible means to be able to touch
An amenity is another word for comfort
To condone means to overlook
Solicitously means concerned
Uncanny means remarkable
No Promises in the Wind is set in Chicago in the 1930s
Howie and Josh both share a love for music
The railroad bulls club men off of the trains who are trying to get a free ride
Josh had to dig through garbage cans when he and Joey were hungry
At the ramshackle farmhouse the boys found a rooster
The group of boys beat up Josh, took their potatoes and extra clothes
Docile means easy to control
Brusque means abrupt
A speakeasy is a bar that serves alcohol
Absurdity means being ridiculous
Created by: juliehinds