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Chapter 6

Hormones, triggered by, released from, action

Hormone: ADH, Triggered by: Low B/P, Dehydration, High Sodium.
ADH released from Posterior Pituitary gland
ADH action Upregulates water reabsorption (AQ2) PCT, decreases osmolarity
Hormone: Oxytocin, Triggered by: Childbirth (Parturition), infant suckling, bonding with friends, family, partner
Oxytocin released from Posterior Pituitary gland
Oxytocin action Stimulates uterine contraction. Parturition. Milk to be released by mammory gland. Well being/happiness.
Hormone: Prolactin Releasing Hormone PRH, Triggered by: Baby birth, nursing: breast is empty, baby sucking or latching.
PRH released from Hypothalmus
PRH action + Produce prolactin PRL/Lactotrope released by APG
Hormone: Prolactin Inhibiting Hormone PIH, Triggered by: Full mammory glands, stopped nursing.
PIH relased from Hypothalmus
PIH action - PRL released by APG
Hormone: Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone TRH, Triggered by: Low T3/T4, Exercise
TRH relased from Hypothalmus
TRH action Stimulates TSH thyroid stimulating hormone
Hormone: Corticotropin Releasing Hormone CRH, Triggered by: Chronic stress, lack of cortisol feedback
CRH released from Hypothalmus
CRH action + ACTH released by APG
Hormone: Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone, Triggered by: Lack of GH in children. Lack of IGF in adults. Sleep.
GHRH released from Hypothalmus
GHRH action + GH released by APG
Hormone: Growth hormone inhibiting hormone, Triggered by: Too much GH children or Too much IGF adults.
GHIH released from Hypothalmus
GHIH action - released of GH by APG
Hormone: Gonadoptropin releasing hormone GnRH, Triggered by: 1st trigger= Puberty, lack of sex steriods from gonads.
GnRH released from Hypothalmus
GnRH action + LH/FSH released by APG
Hormone: Produce Prolactin PRL, triggered by: PRH
PRL released by APG; Lactotropes
PRL action Milk production from mammory gland.
Hormone: Thyroid stimulating hormone TSH, triggered by: TRH
TSH released from APG; Thyrothrope
TSH action stimulates T3/T4
Hormone: Adrenocorticotropin ACTH, triggered by: Cortisol releasing hormone CRH
ACTH released from APG; corticotropes
ACTH action + cortisol release from the adrenal cortex
Hormone: Melanocytes stimulation hormone MSH, triggered by: Sunlight
MSH released from APG; corticotropes
MSH action + melanocyte to produce skin pigment
Hormone: Follicle stimulating hormone FSH, triggered by: GnRH
FSH released from APG; gonadotropes
FSH action + gamete maturation + spermatogenesis
Hormone: Lutenizing Hormone LH, triggered by GnRH
LH released from APG; gonadotropes
LH action + production of testosteron + production of estrogen and progesterone
Hormone: Growth Hormone GH, triggered by GnRH
GH released from APG; somatotropes
GH action direct action= + growth in kids +IGF released in liver
Hormones: Melatonin, triggered by Sleep routine
Melatonin released from Pineal Gland
Melatonin action Induces sleep
Hormone: Throxine T4, triggered by TSH
T4 released from Thyroid
T4 action Increase BMR
Hormone: Triiodothyronine T3, triggered by TSH
T3 released from Thyroid
T3 action Increase BMR
Hormone: Calcitonin, triggered by Increased CA# in blood
Calcitonin releaseed by Thyroid
Calcitonin action + CA# excretion by kidneys + CA# storage by bones
Hormone: Parathyroid Hormone PTH, triggered by Decrease of CA# in blood
PTH released by Parathyroid glands
PTH action + CA# reabsorption by kidney + CA# release by bone + CA# absorption by GI
Hormone: Epinephrine,triggered by flight or fight
Epi released by Adrenal medulla
Epi action Vasoconstriction GI Tract, reproduction, skin, hair, increase BV/BP
Hormone: Norepinephrine, triggered by flight or fight
NorE released by Adrenal Medulla
NorE action Dilated pupils, increase heart rate.
Hormone: Aldosterone, triggered by the RAAS cascade, decrease BP/BV
Aldosterone released by Adrenal Cortex
Aldosterone action + NA reabsorption by kidney
Hormone: Cortisol, triggered by ACTH
Cortisol released by Adrenal Cortex
Cortisol action Increase blood GLU for CNS, + lipogenesis
Hormone: Glucagon, triggered by Fasting/low levels of GLU, AA, and Fats in blood.
Glucagon released by Pancreas
Glucagon action Catabolic action- glycogenolysis, lipolysis, gluconeogenesis
Hormone: Insulin, triggered by Eating/high levels of GLU, AA, and Fats in blood.
Insulin released by Pancreas
Insulin action Anabolic action= glycogenesis, lipogenesis, protein synthesis
Hormone: Somatostatin, triggered by Switch B/W fasting vs feeding
Somatostatin released from Pancreas
Somatostatin action - insulin or glucagon
Hormone: Thymopoietin, triggered by infection, immune challenge
Thymopoietin released by Thymus
Thymopoietin action + T-cell maturation, self tolerance
Hormone: Thymosine, triggered by infection, immune challenge
Thymosine released by Thymus
Thymosine action Immunocompetence
Hormone: Testosterone, triggered by LH/FSH
Testosterone released by Testes
Testosterone action +maleness +lean muscle mass +spermatogenesis
Hormone: Estrogen, triggered by LH/FSH
Estrogen released by Ovaries
Estrogen + uterine growth endometrium
Hormone: Progesterone, triggered by LH/FSH
Progesterone released by Ovaries
Progesterone action +secretions of endometrium - uterine contractions
Hormone: ANP atrial natriuretic peptide, triggered by increased BV
ANP released from Heart
ANP action +NA excretion/ decrease blood volume
Hormone: Erythropoietin, triggered by decreased hematocrit, elevation, decrease oxygen
Erythropoietin released from kidney
Erythropoietin action + production of RBCs by bone arrow
Hormone: Insulin growth hormone IGF, triggered by Growth Hormone
IGF released by Liver
IGF action + cell repair + mitosis
Hormone: Calcitrol/Vit D, triggered by Sunlight
Calcitrol released by Skin
Calcitrol action + CA deposition in bone
Hormone: Leptin, triggered by Eating/excess calories
Leptin released by Fat
Leptin action +feeling full-> stop eating
Hormone: Gherlin, triggered by Empty of GI/ low levels of substrate in blood.
Gherlin released by GI tract
Gherlin action + hungry-> start eating
Hormone: Neuropeptide Y (NPY), triggered by Empty of GI/low levels of substrate in blood
NPY released from Brain
NPY action + hungry-> start eating.
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