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Review Mid-Unit 6

American Renaissance

Which of the following was not an important aspect of American Romanticism? reason
What lesson does the speaker learn in Emerson's poem"Each and All"? not to separate parts from the whole
With which statement would Emerson most likely agree? a fulfilled person is one who has followed his or her conscience
The final mood of the poem"The Raven" is one of _______. despair
According to Thoreau, how would people's lives change if they rejected conformity? They would live more fully.
In "the Birthmark," what does Georgiana represent? feminine perfection
Emerson and Thoreau both believe that society ________. prevents people from being free
How is the setting of "The Raven"related to the mood of the piece? The bleak setting helps create the poem's melancholic mood.
Unlike the Transcendentalists, the Dark Romantics __________. explored the darker sides of the human soul
In "The Birthmark," why is Georgiana willing to risk her life to get rid of the mark? She knows that neither she nor her husband will have peace if the birthmark remains.
In "Concord Hymn," why does the speaker appeal to time and nature? to ask them to preserve the memorial
The speaker in "The Raven" is tormented by the thought that _______. he will never see Lenore again.
Judging from Self-Reliance, Emerson was a strong promoter of _______. individualism
Thoreau leaves his home in Walden Pond because he _______. wished to move on to other experiences
What did Thoreau seek to do at Walden Pond? live consciously
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