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Careers - Unit 1

Careers Unit 1 Vocabulary - Self Awareness

Personality The combination of attitude, values, interests, and behaviors that identify a person
Self-Concept The way in which a person views their own self worth
Self-Esteem Self-respect, belief and recognition of one's abilities
Stereotype A widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing
Identity The personality or activity by which a person is known
Interest The thing a person enjoys doing or thinking about.
Learning Style Natural method or way one thinks or learns
Aptitude The ability or potential for learning new skills
Study Skills Determining the techniques how one best studies and learns
Listening Skills The practice of hearing, learning, and retaining verbal information for later use: Focusing, repeating, asking questions, connecting to previous knowledge, visualizing, taking notes & practicing.
Brain Orientation The way one uses the two hemispheres of the brain.
Ability A skill that has been developed
Lifestyle Typical way of life.
Procrastinator One who puts off doing things or making decisions.
Values The personal standards by which one lives.
Skill The ability to perform a certain activity well
Work Values The beliefs and standards one has about working, for example: Reliable, Dependable, Loyal, Resourceful, Creative, Trustworthy, Fulfillment, Achievement, Accomplishment, Initiative, Integrity, Prestige, Honesty, Punctuality
Career Interest Area A group or cluster of jobs with similar activities and skills.
Interest Inventory An assessment that helps people identify their interest areas
Job A task or piece of work, especially one that is paid.
Career An occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress.
Left Brain Dominant Logical, organized, intellectual, analytical, administrative, conservative, and mathematical
Right Brain Dominant Artistic, conceptual, organized, imaginative, emotional, spiritual, talkative, musical and mathematical
Auditory Learns best through listening - learn best through verbal lectures, discussions, talking things through and listening to what others have to say. They interpret the underlying meanings of speech through listening to tone of voice, pitch, speed and other.
Visual Learns best through seeing - need to see the teacher's body language and facial expression to fully understand the content of a lesson. They tend to prefer sitting at the front of the class & they think in pictures and learn best from visual displays.
Kinesthetic Learns best through doing, moving and touching. Learn best through a hands-on approach, actively exploring the physical world around them. They find it hard to sit still for long periods and may become distracted by needs for activity and exploration.
Created by: ashoup