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Midterm (pt 5)


Eliciting… Word classes Pull object from bag and name it (N) Identify actions in pictures (V) Ask specific wh-questions (N/V) What will she do? (V) Hide and seek (Where is X? Prep.) How does he look? (Adj) How did she do X (Adv.) Whose x is this? (Possessive Pro.)
Eliciting… Sequence of prepositions and conjunctions Tell me how to..
Eliciting… Comparatives Pull items from a bag and see how they differ
Eliciting… Adjectives Play I spy. Choices with adj. (do you want the green or black one).
Eliciting… Verb tenses Tell me what we’re going to do. Doing. Did...etc.
Eliciting… Plural s- marker Let’s play xyz...tell me what we need to play?
Eliciting… Possessive Pronouns Pull objects with known owners from a bag and name owner. Play dress up with action figures/dolls and have child ID what goes with whom.
Eliciting… Complex sentences Can you tell me how to do… Expository or narrative tasks
Eliciting… Yes/No questions 20 questions. Never have I ever. Go fish. Guess who.
Performance characteristics to consider - Productivity Are there enough words/utterances to consider it a representative sample? Adequacy of length of a sample specific to task and context. If it’s not a robust sample, don't rely on it as much to determine if therapy is warranted or to develop goals
Performance characteristics to consider - Fluency Frequency of disfluencies. Mazes: a series of words/unattached fragments not needed in T-unit
Performance characteristics to consider - Lexical diversity Number of different words. Semantic measurement with TTR.
Performance characteristics to consider - Grammatical Complexity MLU is the most consistent measurement utilized but loses predictive validity after 4.5 years
Performance characteristics to consider - Grammatical Complexity T-units improve the clinician’s ability to segment based upon grammatical structure and not via pauses or intonation changes typical of utterance segmentation. Helpful with students with run-on sentences. Can help evaluate written production.
Performance characteristics to consider - Grammatical Complexity Syntactical analysis
Management Small language samples throughout therapy to track progress and growth or different domains. Develop goals and objectives. Plan therapy activities focusing on targeted parts of speech/phrases/sentences etc.
Types of activities Conversation. Narrative. Expository. Play.
Created by: ashea01