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Beowulf review

Review for final Beowulf test

protagonist in Beowulf, courageous, dependable Beowulf
king of the Danes, dependable, charitable Hrothgar
Hrothgar's mead-hall Heorot
Unferth's sword Hrunting
assists his king in defeating evil, brave, loyal Wiglaf
a descendant of Cain's clan, evil, murderous, Grendel
founder of the ruling Danish lineage Shield Sheafson
king of the Geats, benevolent, upright Hygelac
queen of the Geats, virtuous, lovely Hygd
queen of the Danes, faithful, gracious Wealtheow
The line of Shield Sheafson includes... Beow, Hrothgar, Halfdane
Joyful sounds and the story of creation make Grendel angry
he kills thirty Danes during his first raid, he cannot take over the throne, his reign continues for twelve years Grendel
The Danish watchman demands to know who he is and why he has come Beowulf
Grendel cannot conquer Hrothgar's throne because he is the Lord's outcast
Reason why Beowulf's thanes cannot harm Grendel with their swords Grendel has cast a spell on the cutting edge of all weapons
abducts Aeshere, retrieves Grendel's hand, panics when she is discovered Grendel's mother
why does Hrothgar recognize Beowulf's name? He knew him as a young boy
with bare hands Beowulf will fight Grendel
uses his own version of Beowulf's swimming match with Breca Unferth
Hrothgar promises this to Beowulf if Beowulf defeats Grendel anything he wishes
The Geats who are with Beowulf believe Believe they will never return to Geatland
eight horses, a golden torque, a sword Bewulf's gifts for freeing the Danes from evil
three members of the family die Hildeburh - in the story
she takes Grendel's hand and abducts Aeshere Grendel's mother
dark, dismal woods; hot, gory water; inhabited by all kinds of reptiles Grendel's mother's lair
"It is better to avenge ear ones rather than engage in mourning" Beowulf to Hrothgar when Aschere is killed
He gives Beowulf his sword; he is not man enough to face Grendel's mother himself Unferth
Beowulf cuts off her head with a giant's sword Grendel's mother
the lake changes from darkness to light when Grendel's mother is killed
the sword hilt is given to Hrothgar
Hrothgar warns Beowulf against the dangers of power
an heirloom sword, land, a throne Hygelac's gifts to Beowulf
the golden torque is presented to Hygd
the dragon attacks because a thief steals a goblet from his lair
to fight the dragon, Beowulf is armed with a sword, armor, and a shield
Beowulf's fatal blow to the dragon is with a knife
Beowulf's men run away when he attacks the dragon
beneath Beowulf's barrow is the dragon's hoard
Created by: maiasaurus