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Middle Ages Lit

Brenham Eng IV Middle Ages Literature Review

The goodwife was busy cooking and doing chores when her husband wanted her to go bar the door.
The pact they made was that the first one to talk had to bar the door.
The robbers wanted to shave the husband and kiss the wife.
The husband talked first.
The theme of the ballad is about stubbornness.
If the knight does not discover what women want most within one year he will be beheaded.
The knight has trouble finding the answer to what women most desire because no two women agree on the answer.
The 24 fairies who were dancing in the forest were replaced by an old hag.
The old hag tells the knight that she will give him the correct answer if he will do the very next thing she asks him to do.
The knight must agree to marry the old hag.
The knight has to honor his agreement with the hag because knights have a strict code of honor they have to stick to.
What happened to all of the fairies and elves that were in the kingdom? They were exorcised by friars.
The crime that the knight committed was that he raped a young maiden.
How does the knight decide what to choose in regards to the choice the old hag gave him? He let her choose what to do.
The knight and the old hag ended up living happily ever after.
"Get Up and Bar the Door" is about what women most desire.
The answer to the question of what women desire most is to be equal to or have the same power as their husbands.
In the beginning of the ballad, the knight holds all of the power.
The special power that Paul has in "The Rocking Horse Winner" is to be able to guess what horse will win.
Malabar is a horse.
Mother feels very miserable in her house.
Paul asked his mother if she got a nice present on her birthday.
Paul invites his uncle to join his partnership.
Paul wins the money in the big race for the house.
The first bet that Paul makes with his uncle is strange because the horse is an outsider.
Paul says that his luck is what makes him win money.
After the mother gets her birthday present the house whispers more.
Paul's share of the winnings is stored or kept safely by Basset.
Paul is frightened after his mother's birthday.
The toys in the toy room whisper that they need more money.
Mother gets $1000 pounds for her birthday.
Paul is at the races when he invites his uncle to join in his partnership with Basset.
Paul hopes to win his mother's love through money.
What keeps Mother at the party after she wants to leave? Her husband.
Bassett knows what to do because Paul tells him.
In "The Rocking Horse winner" the habit that damaged Mother's family when she was younger was gambling.
In "The Rocking Horse Winner" Mother changes at the end of the story because she no longer needs money.
A hussyfskap means doing chores and/or oven mittens.
The word muckle means much.
Gied means to give.
Thorpes is another word for village.
A crone is an old hag.
An incubus is an evil spirit.
The word behest is a synonym for a promise.
Brazening means to speak boldly.
Careered can mean to speed.
Obstinately means stubbornly.
Created by: juliehinds