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Comptia A+ 901 1.4a

Sound, video, network, USB

What are the four components required to input sound? sound card, speakers microphone, and recording/ playback software
How do computers capture sound? sampling records sound waves in an electronic format
How is sound waves measured? units of thousands of cycles per second or KHz
What is the range in KHz that sound is sampled? 11 KHz (slow) to 192 KHz (ultra- high quality)
Define amplitude loudness of sound
Define frequency how high or low a tone can be
Define timbre qualities that differentiate the same note played on different instruments
What is bit depth? number of characteristics of a sound captured during sampling. 16 bit is 2 to the 16- 65,536 bits
What is monaural? capture a single track of sound
What is stereo? capture two tracks of sound
What defines CD quality? 44.1 KHz with 16 bit depth and stereo
What does the acronym PCM stand for? Pulse code modulation- type of sound format- also known as WAV. Huge file size- 4 minute song at 44.1 KHz 16 bit, 40 MB of data.
How do we get around the huge file size of the WAV format? Codecs- are compresssor/ decompressor programs that discard the unnecessary audio.
What is the most famous codec? MPEG- 1 Layer 3 known as MP3.
What is the most common bit rate for CD- quality MP3? 128 Kbps.
What is bit rate? amount of info. (#of bits) transferred from compressed file to the MP3 decoder in 1 second- higher the bit rate the better the sound quality
What does MIDI stand for? Musical instrument digital interface- second processor that every sound card has to interpret standardized files- text file that makes the sound processing hardware create sounds- like the sheet music and sound card is instrument- tiny
What is MIDI sound dependent on? The quality of the sound card
What are the two most common standards for sound cards? AC'97 - supports up to 6 channels at 48 KHz/ 20 -bit quality, or Intel High Definition Audio ( Azalia) supports 8 channels at 192KHz/ 32-bit quality. (plus can send multiple streams of music from one PC)
What is the difference between Dolby Digital and DTS? Dolby Digital Sound 5.1, and Digital Theatre Systems competitors- created sound card that supports surround sound plus a subwoofer
What are the two types of S/P DIF connectors, and the benefits? Single S/P DIF connector to receiver or sound card vs. wires to each speaker, optical and coaxial.
Created by: MelCrab