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3Skeleton Key Review

Why does the narrator take the job at Three Skeleton Key? To save money for getting married
Why do they not see many ships in their waters? the water surrounding the island is dangerous, there are reefs below the water
Why does the narrator watch the Cornelius de Witt with tears in his eyes? Because he knows it is going to crash.
What does the narrator notice about the window in the lantern room once the rats are on the island? that it is sagging in, and the rats could get tot he men
How do the rats first get inside the lighthouse? A window
What are the three strategies used to rescue the men from the island? One dies,one goes to crazy, and one goes back to work in the lighthouse.
What lets the reader predict this story will be a frightening tale? the title has the word skeleton in it the first line "My most terrifying experience."
Why does the island have a bad reputation? three convicts died on the island
Where does the story take place? a key off the coast of French Guiana, in Africa
What happens to Le Gleo? he gets put into an asylum or hospital
What happens to Itchuoa? He dies from the rat bites
What POV is the story told in? 1st person by the narrator
When the men first see the ship what do they think is wrong? that the crew is drunk or insane, if there is a crew
What genre is the story? short story, horror, fiction
Created by: mrourke



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