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TCM herbal combinations

ma huang & gui zhi strongly prom perspiration, rel ext, disperse WC. WC excess type, c+f, no sweats
gui zhi & bai shao yao hrmz ying & wei, qi & bld; hrmz the vessels, rel tension stop pain; hrmz the SP/ST. WC disharmony b/w ying & wei, spon sweats; abd pn w/spasm d/t def cold & disharmony y&w
jing jie & fang feng rel WC or WH (WH must add other herbs bo he). cc d/t WC or WH, initial measel skin erupt itch
qiang huo & du huo dispel WDC, rel bi-pn:QH up body DH: low body. rheumatic pn, cc w/ BA whole body d/t WCD
xin yi hua & cang er zi dispel WC, diffuse LU qi, open nasal passage. cc w/nasal congest, runny nose, rhinitis d/t WC
sang ye & ju hua expel WH; clr LIV heat, improve eyes. cc/cough d/t WH, HA, vertigo, photophobia, red swollen pn eyes d/t LIV or WH in LIV ch
sheng ma & ge gen rel ext & muscle aspect; clr heat toxicity, vent measels or eruptions. measles-initial stage w eruption diff expel w fever, lack of sweat d/t ext pattern
chai hu & bai shao yao spread LIV qi, n LIV; spread LIV & stop pn; hrmz LIV/SP, qi & blood. chest, lat costal abd pn, distn d/t LQS or disharmony LIV & SP; mens irreg, PMS d/t disharmony qi & blood
shi gao & zhi mu strong clr heat/drain fir, protect yin & fluid (internal excess heat easily damage yin). persistent hi-fever, 4 bigs, thirsting & wasting, HA, swelling & pn of gum d/t ST-heat
zhi mu & bai he nourish yin, clear heart, calm spirit; moist LU, stop cough. "bai he" syndrome (mental depression): qi & yin def w/lingering heat pathogen lead to palp, insom, agit, cough d/t LU dry
zhi zi & dan dou chi rel ext WH, clr internal heat; elim irritability. irrit, agit, insom & vexation after warm febrile disease
lu gen & bai mao gen clear heat gen fluid; clr ST/LU heat; prom urine. fever, thirst, irrit d/t warm-febrile or WH; cough/wheeze d/t LU heat; nausea/vomit d/t ST heat
lian qiao & jin yin hua strongly clear heat & relieve fire toxicity; release ext WH. cc influenza d/t WH or heat toxin; skin erupt skin inflamm
ban lan gen & shan dou gen strongly clr heat rel fire toxicity, relieve sore throat. pn red swollen throat d/t xs heat; toothache, oral ulcers
xuan shen & sheng di huang clear heat & cool bld; nourishes yin & gen fluids. all warm febrile disease evil enter ying and xue level causing v hi fever, thirst, scarlet tongue; any types bleed d/t blood-heat
pu gong ying & zi hua di ding clear heat & relieve fire toxicicty, disperse abscess & dissipate nodules. pyogenic inflamm illness d/t fire toxins; mastitis, appendicitis, uti d/t fire toxins w/damp
ya dan zi & long yan rou clear heat & relieve fire toxicity wo damage SP/ST; tx dysenteric disorder & intermittent fever & chills. dysentery, malaria. YDZ too toxic to take alone; add LYR to protect SP/ST
ban zhi lian & ban bian lian clear heat & relieves toxins; reduce swelling & stop pn. tx various cancer w heat toxins or DH; tx snakebites
qing hao & bie jia nourish yin & clears heat (heat from yin def or later stage warm febrile disease). steam bone, pm sweat,cough d/t yin def w def heat; malaria w/def heat; later stage warm febrile disease
di gu pi & sang bai pi clear LU heat & stop cough & wheeze. cough wheeze w expectoration yellow sticky thick phm, fever thirst d/t LU heat
huang qin & bai zhu clear heat, dry damp, fortify SP, calm fetus. uterine bleed dur preg, restless fetus-threat miscarriage, am-sick d/t DH w SP/ST qi def-unable to contain blood in vessels (gyno)
huang lian & rou gui drain HT fire & supplement KI yang; re-establish interaction b/w HT & KI. insom, irrit, agit d/t HT/KI not comm; glossitis, oral ulcers, palp w fear of cold, impotence, seminal emission
huang bai & ze xie clear & drain (KI) def heat; clear & drain DH. steam bone, pm sweat, nocturnal emisson d/t def heat; inhibited urniation DH in LJ
da huang & fu zi warm interior, precipitate accumulation of cold, & evacuate the stools. constip, abd pn, fear of cold & cold limbs d/t accumulation internal cold
yu li ren & huo ma ren moisten intestines & unblock the bowels. constip in elderly, post partum, post warm-febrile disease, habitual constip
qu mai & bian xu stronly clear DH, prom urine, unblock pn urinary dysfx. xs type pnful urine dysfx, bloody urine d/t DH
jin qian cao & hai jin sha strongly clear DH, prom urine, unblock pn urinary dysfx & expel stones. stones/gall stones w DH
mu tong & dan zhu ye clear heat from HT & promote urination. sensation of heat & irrit in chest, mouth & tongue sores, dk scanty urine dt HT heat
hua shi & gan cao release SH, clr summer-damp, prom urination; tonifies qi. "liu-yi san" 6:1 hua shi:gan cao. Fever, sweats, thirst, irrit, thin yellow greasy tongue coat & soggy rapid pulse d/t SH w damp
mu gua & wu zhu yu warm MJ & transform damp; hrmz ST & stop vomit; relax sinews & unblock the channels. abd pn spams, vomit &/or diarrhea w/cramping calves dt damp-cold
mu gua & wu zhu yu warm MJ & transform damp; hrmz ST & stop vomit; relax sinews & unblock the channels. abd pn spams, vomit &/or diarrhea w/cramping calves dt damp-cold
hai tong pi & qin jiao dispel WD, unblock the channels, relaxes the sinews, & allev pn. myaliga whole body, bi-pn lumbar leg pn d/t WD or WDH
bai qian & qian hu redirect LU qi down, expel phm, stop cough. cough/wheeze w phm, chest oppression dt phm obstruction
zi wan & kuan dong hua stop cough, expel phm, warm the LU. cough/wheeze w phm, esp chronic d/t coldness
ban xia & zhu ru hrmz ST & stop vomit nausea; transform phm. hiccup, nausea vomit d/t rebel ST qi; morning-sick d/t disharmony of ST w phm
xuan fu hua & dai zhe shi strongly redirect qi downward & expel phm. hiccup nausea vomit d/t turbig phm stag in diapghragm area; cough wheeze w phm
zhe bei mu & xia ku cao clears heat & transforms phm-heat; clear heat & dissipate nodules. neck lumps scrofula lipoma swollen gland dt phm heat or phm fire.
chuan bei mu & xing ren transforms phm, direct qi down, stop cough, moisten LU. chronic cough little phm diff expectorate, dry throat dt LU dryness
gua lou & xie bai prom mvmt of yang-qi & loosen chest; transforms phm; dissipate stag in chest, stop pn, moist intestines. cough profuse phm, piercing pn in chest, chest-Bi & cardiac disease w intense HT pn dt HT qi & bld stag w phm, constip
jie geng & zhi ke reg upbearing & downbearing, reg UJ/MJ, diffuse LU qi, expel phm, loosen chest & diaphr. chest & diaphragm oppression distention d/t chest-Bi d/t accum phm & qi stag; epig distention, stomach rumbling & diff bm
hai zao & kun bu reduce phm & soften hardness; dissipates mass & nodules. nod or mass d/t phm accum gointer, scrofula, ovarian cyst
huo xiang & pei lan aromatically transforms damp; hrmz MJ & stop vomit, rel summer damp. fever w or wo persp, vertigo, head distention; epig distention, nausea, abd pn & diarrhea dt damp & turbid in SP/ST
sha ren & shu di huang nourishs blood, yin, essence w/o causing qi-stag or loss of appetite. LIV-KI yin or essence def, blood def assoc w weak SP/ST
ji nei jing & mang xiao soften hardness & disperse accumulation; clears heat & transforms stones. renal lithiasis urethral lithiasis
lai fu zi & bai jie zi regulates qi & expel phm; descend qi & allev cough & wheez. chronic cough whz copious clr bubbly phm, full in chest dt phm/cold phm in LU
chen pi & he zi constrains the LU qi, rectifies the qi, & improve the voice. hoarse, loss voice, chronic cough & phm in throat
chuan lian zi & yan hu suo prom mvmt of qi, invig bld & stop pn; clear LIV heat, dries dampness. pn in chest, epigastrum, abd, lateral constal region d/t qi-stag or bs; dysmenorrhea dt qi-stag or bs; hepatitis, cholecystitis dt DH in LIV/GB
xiang fu & yi mu cao regulate qi & resolve depression; invig blood & dispel stasis, regulate menses. mens irreg, abd pn disten before period, post partum abd pn, dysmen d/t qi-stag/bs. Promote mvmt LQS
mu xiang & bing lang prom mvmt of qi, disperse stagnation & stops pn. lack app, abd/epig disten and pn aggravated by pressure, diff bm dt FS & qi-stag; dysentery or diarrhea (DH) w tenesmus
li zhi he & ju he regulates qi & stop pn, esp pelvis/LIV ch; disperse cold & dissipates obstruction & nodules, stop pn. inguinal hernia, swell pn testicles d/t cold & qi congeal/stag in LIV ch; pn or mass in pelvis d/t qi-stag or coldness w/ bs
dan shen & mu dan pi clears heat, cools blood & dispel bs. *Does not stop bleeding! bleed d/t blood heat or w/bs, hematemesis, purpura; mens irreg amen dt blood heat or bs
tao ren & hong hua invig blood & dispel bs & stop pn. HH contra preg b/c causes uterus to contract. amen, irreg mens w/clots dt bs, cardiac pn, fixed stab pn
chuan xiong & dang gui invig blood, prom mvmt of qi & stop pn; tonifies blood. mens irreg, ha, postpartum abd pn d/t bs or w bld def; wounds, ulcers dt bs or w bld def
pu huang & wu ling zhi invig blood, dispel bs & stop pn; stops bleeding. mens irreg, retain lochia dt bs; epig, cardia, abd, lat costal pn d/t bs
ru xiang & mo yao invig blood, dispel bs, free flow of viscera, bowels, channels & network vessels, stop pn, reduce swelling & gen flesh. traumatic injury w/pn, swell d/t bs & qi-stag; epig, abd, hypoch, chest pn, amen d/t bs and qi-stag
san leng & e zhu stronly break bs; prom mvmt of qi, stop pn, dissolve fs. abd lump glomus, hepatomegaly & splenomegaly dt bs &/or w gi-stag; abd pn dt fs, infertility dt bs or qi-stag
chuan shan jia & zao jiao ci disperse bs & unblock channles; strongly reduce swelling & prom discharge of pus. suppurative inflamm disease eg carbuncles, boils, mastitis
san qi & bai ji invig blood, dispel bs & stop bleeding; gen flesh w/o producing bs. hemoptysis, hematemesis; bleed d/t trauma
di yu & huai hua mi cools blood & stops bleeding. bleeds d/t blood heat, esp for hemorrhoid w bleeding dt blood-heat
fu zi & gan jiang restore devastated yang, warm SP/ST, prevent toxin from fu zi. loss conscious, cold spontaneous perspiration, cold limbs, minute pulse, pn & feeling cold in ST & abd, vomit, diearrhe dt yang-def w cold
wu zhu yu & huang lian drain LIV fire, hrmz ST, direct rebel qi down, stop pn, acid regurgitation & vomit. lat costal pn disten nausea vomit belch bitter taste in mouth d/t LIV-ST disharmony w heat
ding xiang & shi di warm MJ, direct rebelliousqi down, & stop hiccups. hiccup dt cold in MJ; nause/vomit. compare w/35 xuan fu hua/dai zhe shi
da zao & sheng jiang adjust ying & wei qi, fortify SP & hrmz MJ, moderate & hrmz characteristics of other herbs. cc d/t WC causing disharmony bw ying & wei, fatique, abd pn, lack app d/t SP/SP qi def
bai zhu & zhi shi ton SP qi, disperse qi-stag, elim accumulation & distention. accum of food, disten/full abd, diff bm dt SP qi def w qi-stag; spleno/hepatomegaly dt qi-def w qi-stag
huang qi & fu xiao mai ton qi, augment protective/wei qi & stabilizes exterior, & stop sweats. spon sweat d/t protective/wei qi def
shan yao & huang qi ton qi & yin of SP, LU & KI. diabetes d/t qi & yin def, e.g. thirst; chronic uti or KI disease dt def of qi & yin
dang gui & huang qi ton qi & generate blood. cases of internal damage dt overstrain, qi & bld def lead to hot sensation in muscle, red face, irrit, thirst for warm, pale tongue
shu di huang & sheng di huang ton bood, yin & essence; clear heat & cool the blood. tidal fever w/steaming bone, vertigo, irreg mens dt yin or blood-def w heat
e jiao & huang lian ton blood & nourish the yin, clears HT heat, calm spirit. agitation/insom d/t HT&KI not comm; warm-febrile disease has damaged yin causing heat
bai shao yao & chi shao yao nourish blood and cool blood; invig blood, dispel bs & stop pn. irreg mens d/t blood/yin def w/blood heat or bs
niu zhen zi & han lian cao nourish yin of LIV & KID, cool blood, stop bleeding. various bleeds; nose, gums, hematuria & metrorrhagia d/t yin-def w bld heat; premature greying dt LIV/KI yin/essence def w heat
mai men dong & tian men dong nourishes (LU) yin, moist dryness, gen fluids; clear heat of LU, ST & HT; moist intestines. dry mouth, thrist, constip d/t yin def w heat
gui ban & bie jia nourishes the yin & anchors the yang. tidal fever, steam bone, nitesweat, tinnitus, vertigo, wk knees & lo-back dt yin-def w heat; ha, dizzy, vertigo d/t LYR.
bu gu zhi & rou dou kou tonifies KI yang & SP yang, secure intestines & stop diarrhea. chronic diarrhea dt KI/SP yang-def; daybreak diarrhea w/abd pn dt KI yang def
du zhong & xu duan ton LIV&KI, strengthen sinew & bone; calms fetus. aches & pn, stiffness, lumbar pn, weakness of lo-limbs d/t LIV&KI def, or w WD; threatened miscarriage w lumbar sore, mens irreg dt KI def
sang ji shen & ji xue teng ton LIV&KI, strengthen sinew & bone & expel WD; prom mvt of blood & ton blood; invig channel & relax sinews. aches & pn, stiffness, lumbar pn, weakness of lo-limbs d/t LIV&KI def, or w WD; mens irreg w lumbar sore pn dt LIV/KI & bld def.
yin yang huo & xian mao ton KID & fortify yang; expel WD or cold-damp. mens irreg, amen & infert d/t KID yang def; ache & pn, lumbar pn, weak lo-limb dt KI yang def &/or w WCD/CD obstruction
rou cong rong & hei zhi ma nourishes the blood and essence & ton KID yang; moist intestines, facilitate bm. habitual constip elderly, postpartum or post febrile disease dt blood/essence def
yi zhi ren & bei xie warm the KID, separate pure from turbid, restrain essence & urine. turbid urine & freq urine d/t KID def +/or w dampness
wu wei zi & xi xin warm the LU, trans phm, diffuse (descend) LU qi to stop cough & wheeze. cough & wheeze d/t WC +/or accum phm-cold in the LU; chronic cough & wheeze dt LU & KI def
qian shi & lian zi strengthen the SP, expel damp & stop diarrhea; supplement KID & retain essence & urination. chronic diarrhea d/t SP-def; vag discharge, seminal emission, freq urination dt KI def
sang piao xiao & hai piao xiao ton KID, retain essence & urine. dribbling urine/enuresis in kids dt KI def; noct emiss,spermatorrhea, vag disch dt KI def. HPX stop bleeds; SPX does not
long gu & mu li settle & calm spirit; calm LIV & anchor yang; prevent leakage of fluids. vexation, agitation, palp, insom dt LYR disturb the spirit; HTN.
suan zao ren & bai zi ren nourishes the blood and yin of HT & LIV, calm spirit. HT palp, profuse dream, insom, nitesweat d/t def of HT & LIV blood & yin; constip dt blood & yin def.
shi chang pu & yuan zhi expel phm & open orifice; calms spirit. mental confusion mental retardation vertigo dt phm obstruct orifice of HT. contra gastritis
gou teng & tian ma extinguish wind & allev spasm & tremor; drain LIV heat & anchor LIV yang; extinguish wind & stop pn. ha, dizzy, childhood convulsions, epilepsy, spasm, tetany, wind-stroke dt internal wind. HTN d/t internal wind
shi jue ming & jue ming zi clear LIV heat, anchor LIV yang & brighten eyes. photophobia, vis obstruct, red eye. HTN, hi chol assoc w LIV heat or LYR.
bai ji li & sha yuan ji li ton KID & secure essence; nourishes LIV & brighten eyes. vertigo, unclear vision, dizzy d/t LIV & KID def; seminal emiss, freq urine.
di long & jiang can extinguishes wind, expel phm & unblock channel & collateral; stop spasm & pn. ha & dizzy d/t wind-phm; spasm, convulsion, post-wind-stroke d/t wind phm.
quan xie & wu gong xtinguish wind & stop tremors & convulsions; attack & relieve toxin, diss nods; unblock collateral & stop pn. spasms acute or chronic, tetacy, tic, tetanus, seizures, chest pn d/t HT Bld stasis; pn d/t cancer
she chuang zi & di fu zi expel dampness & kill parasite; stops itching. used internal & topical for damp skin disorder; eczema, & genital disorder dt damp--vaginitis
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