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English Vocab Final

vocab final

ab from; away
dis apart; in different directions
inter between; among
bacter bacteria
bio life
frater brother
fungi fungi
gen race; origin; kind
rupt break; burst
string bind; draw tight
matr mother
patr father
regi king; rule
soror sister
sui self
con together; with
re back; again
hom man
cide killing; killer
corrupt changed from good to bad
erupt burst or break out
incorreptible inflexibly honest; incapibe of being corrupt
rupture break/ hostility
astringent(n and adj) adj: drawing tissues tightly together/ stern n: substance that shrinks tissues
unrestricted not confined within bounds; free
boa constrictor snake that constricts its prey
carn flesh
insect insect
vor eat greedily
tort twist
herb herb
omni all
viv live; alive
devour eat greedily/seize upon
voracious greedy in eating/ insatiable
revive bring back to life
survive outlive; remain alive
vivacious livley in temper or conduct
vivacity liveliness
vivid having the vigor and the spirit of life/ sharp and clear
vivify enliven; make vivid
contortionist person who can twist his or her body into odd postures
distort twist out of shape/ out of meaning
extort wrest from a person by force
retort(n and v) retort
torture(n and v) wrentch/ inflict pain
vict(vince) conquer; show conclusivly
omni all; everywhere
fract break
in in; within; into; not; on
convict(n and v) v: prove guilty n; person who serves a prison sentance
convivtion state of being judged guilty of an offense/ strong belief
evict expel by legal process(evict a tennet)
invincible incapable of being conqured
victor winner
infraction act of breaking/ violation of law
fracture break or crack
fragment part broken off
omnipotent unlimited power
omnipresent present everywhere
omniciant all knowing
omnific all creating
flect(flex) bend
mon warn
ten hold;keep up
pre before; very
flexible pliable/ not rigid
genuflect bend to knee as in worship
inflection change in pitch or tone
detention act of keeping back
pertinent having to do with the matter at hand; relivant
retentive tenacios; able to retain or remember
tenacity firmness is holding fast; perservere
tenet principal belief
tenure period of time in office
admonish warn of fault
mand order; command
fid faith; trust
bon good; well
cred belive
per through; badly
mandate authoritative command; territory administered by a trustee
mandatory obilgatory; required by command
writ of mandamus written order or form a court to enforce the performance of some public duty
accredited officially authorized or recognized; credentials
credence belief as to the truth of something
credible belivable
credulous too ready to believe; easy to deceive
creed summary of principals believes or adhered to
discredit loss of belief / cast doubt on
incredulity disbelief
affidavit sworn written statement
confidant one whom secrets are entrusted in
diffident lacking self confidence; timid; shy
fidelity faithfullness to a trust or vow; accuracy
perfidy violation of trust; disloyalty
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