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CS240 Sequence 2

OS objectives, OS services, Kernel, Linux

What is an Operating System? >A program that controls the execution of application programs >An interface between applications and hardware
What are the Operating Systems objectives? >Convenience >Efficiency >Ability to evolve
What is Convenience? Makes the computer more convenient to use
What is Efficiency ? Allows computer system resources to be used in an efficient manner
What is Ability to Evolve? Permit effective development, testing, and introduction of new system functions without interfering with service
Whats the Layers of Computer System in order (top to bottom)? 1. Application Programs 2. Utilities 3. Operating System 4. Computer Hardware
What is the layer of computer systems that end users use? Application Programs
What is the layer of computer systems that programmers use? >Utilities >Operating System
What is the layer of computer systems that operating system designers use? computer hardware
What are the services provided by the operating system? >Program development >Program execution >Access to I/O devices >Controlled access to files >Memory management >System access >Network support >Error detection and response >Accounting
what are examples of program development services? Editors debuggers
What happens during error detection and response ? Operating system cannot grant request of application
what are the types of errors? >Internal and external hardware errors >Software errors
What are causes of Internal and External hardware errors? >Memory error >Device failure
What are causes of Software errors? >Arithmetic overflow >Access forbidden memory locations
What is accounting ? >Collect usage statistics >Monitor performance >Used to anticipate future enhancements >Used for billing purposes >check out the log files of a unix system
What is the Operating System informal definition >An OS is just a program that is executed
what is an operating system responsible for? managing resources
What is a kernel? >Portion of operating system that is in main memory >Contains most frequently used functions
What is another name of a kernel? the nucleus
Why does an OS need to evolve? >Hardware upgrades >new types of hardware >New services >Fixes
Created by: ToriOverholtzer