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Delta F/A

Quiz Flash Cards

DELTA - Emergency Equipment
What's the minimum staffing on the 777? Both AC min crew is 8
How many exits and how are they numbered? 10 exits, 8 Doors and 2 Flight Deck (FD) Windows 1L, 1R, 2L, 2R, 3L, 3R, 4L, 4R
Where's the emergency light switch? 1L (forward FA panel) and Flight Deck
What type of safety device is at each door? All doors have double-lane slide rafts.
What is the extra command to go down the slide raft on the 777? " Step, Jump and Slide"
Which plane is equipped with medical communication outlets and jacks? 777 LR
What are the exit seat numbers on the 777 LR? 44 ABC and 44 GHJ located at 3L 3R.
Where is the wheelchair accessible lav located? 2R only on the 777 ER
Which 777 version has Atlas galleys? 777 LR
What emergency equipment is only found on the 777? The Polar Gear: -ER, @ 1L, -LR, @ 4L The preflight check is wire-seal is intact.
Which FA position is responsible to check emergency equipment in FA crew bunks? -ER@3R -LR@4R
Where is emergency egress hatch in FA crew rest area? -ER@Bunk 5 -LR@Bunk 3
Which way should your body be facing to enter or exit crew rest area? Facing the stairs.
Where is the info on how to erect the canopy when you're in raft? On-Board Manual (OBM), on the raft, and in the survival kit.
Where is the emergency transmitter (ELT) located? 1L and 4R
How do you make an all-call on the 777? Press 00 (zero-zero)
What happens if smoke is detected in a lav? Lights flash on the FA panel showing which lav is affected, Constant chimes thru-out cabin, and loud pitch from smoke detector.
What must be done in a decompression to start the O2 flow and what is the indicator? Pull down on yellow streamer and verify green light is illuminated.
FYI: * Business Elite seat cushions are not flotation devices.
What is the minimum crew on these A/C? -300, 6 -300ER, 5 -300G, 5 -400, 7
What is minimum crew on a thru-flight? -767-300, 3 -767-300ER, 2 -767-300G, 2 -767-400, 3
How many exits are on the 767? -300 and 300ER:(10) = 2 FD windows, 4 doors and 4 window exits. -300G: (10) = 2 FD windows, 6 doors and 2 window exits. -400: (10) = 2 FD windows, 8 doors (3L/3R are different)
What type of slides are found at the cabin window exits? Double-lane ramp slides, NOT detachable or used as rafts. - Land evacuation only. Manual inflation-handle is found in the upper aft area of window frame.
What type of slides are found on all 767-300, ER and G versions? Double-lane slide rafts. ( 300 G at door 2 L/R has a smaller raft capacity)
What is the raft capacity on the 300 series? 58 and overflow is 78.
What are the exit rows on the 767-300 and ER? 25 AB, 25 FG, 26 AB, 26 FG
What A/C have circular rafts and where are they located? Only the 767-300 and its located in mid cabin center (Right Hand Side).
Which doors have electric operation? -767-300 and ER, 1L -767-300G and 767-400, 1L and 2L
Where is the emergency light switch? -300, 2R -300ER, 1L and 2R -300G, 1L and 3R -400, 1L
How many extra infant life vest are found on the 767-300? 20 (10 on each side in aft of A/C)
Where is the ELT on the 767-ER? In the doghouse behind the last row of BE seats on the RHS
How do you make an all-call? 300 series: Press the FWD button 2X &must be accompanied by a PA. 400: Press 55 then reset and press 55 again.
What happens when an alert-call is made? 3 Hi-Lo Chimes with flashing ordinance lights.
Which 767 has direct-view panels? 767-400 only
On the 400, when are the direct-view panels lowered? Prior to take-off and landing.
What is special about doors 3L 3R on the 767-400? -Always armed similar to 757-5500. -Single-lane slide. -If it doesn't inflate, it can be used as an apron slide -It can be detached and used as a flotation device. -Used as a last resort exit in a ditching.
What is the all-call response for FAs at doors 3L/3R on 767-400? Present
Are all doors on the 767-400 double-lane slide rafts? No, doors 3L/3R are single-lane slides.
Which direction do you face to open window exits? Aft
What FA position has the responsibility to check crew rest area on the 767-400 'D'? 4L (400-D is the only 767 with crew rest facilities)
What is the verbal acknowledgment for girt bar window verification? -Yellow girt bar indicators are in-view on both sides (armed) =Yellow girt bar indicators are out-of-view on both sides (disarmed)
What are the flotation devices only on the 767-300? Life vests for pax and crew, main cabin seat cushions, circular rafts, and slide rafts.
Who is the Door Safety FA on the 767? The most aft LHS seated FA.
757 No specific tests or questions on this A/C. Just listen in class for differences between NW and DL versions.
What is the minimum crew on the 737? -700: 3 -800: 4
How many exits are on the 737? -700: (8) = 2 FD windows, 4 doors, and 2 cabin windows -800: (10) =2 FD windows, 4 doors, and 4 cabin windows
How many rafts are found on the 737? 3 Remote rafts on both versions. 1 in FC ceiling and 2 in ceiling aft of window exits in main cabin. The capacity of the rafts is 56 with an overflow of 84.
Where should you launch the remote rafts? One goes out forward door and the others go out the window exits.
Where is the is the escape rope (TIM line) located? In the window frame of aft window on both sides.
What are the exit row seat numbers on the 737? -700: 16 BC & 16 DE, 17 ABC & 17 DEF -800: 17 ABC & 17 DEF, 18 ABC & 18 DEF
What are the minimum crew FA seat positions on the 737? -700: 1L (Inboard), 2L, and 2R (Inboard). -800: 1L, 1L (Inboard), 2L (Inboard), and 2R.
Where does the add FA sit on the 737-700? 1L
What is the check for the 737 cabin window exits? Plastic cover must be in place.
Where is the emergency light switch? In the FD and 2L FA panel.
What happens in a decompression? An automatic PA is made and when one mask is pulled all masks activate.
Who performs the exit row briefing? 2L or Aft L FA
What is the light setting for take-off and landing? Dim
What does the Lead state for the all-call if they have double-door coverage? " Doors 1L and R armed (or disarmed) and cross-checked"
What must be done on with the 737-800 video system for take-off and landing? The power must be turned off.
What kind of escape device can be found at all doors on both versions of the 737? Single-lane slides
Which way do you face to open cabin window exits on either versions of the 737? It doesn't matter, the window swings up and out and because of this, you do not place it anywhere.
Which door should not be used in a ditching? Doors 2L 2R
FYI: The medical communication system jack locations are placarded and are located at seats 1CD, 15 DEF, 28 DEF. The headsets for the system are located in overhead bin aft-right with emergency equipment.
FYI: To make a PA, press 8 and then PTT (Push To Talk) To call either FA position, press 5 To call FD, press 2 To make an all-call, press 5,5 and listen for 2 hi-lo chimes, then hang up and make a PA
FYI: To notify FD of a cabin emergency, press 2,2,2 and you'll get 3 hi-lo chimes in FD To notify FAs only of cabin emergency, press 5,5,5 and you'll get 3 hi-lo chimes in cabin
What is the minimum crew on and where do they sit? 3 and on both A/C they sit Forward R, Aft Single, Aft L (Tailcone) *Additional FAs would sit Aft R (Tailcone) first, then Forward L
Where is the emergency light switch? Forward FA panel
How many exits are on the MD-88/90? 2 FD windows, 3 Doors (1L, 1R and 2L), Tailcone, and 4 cabin windows.
Which A/C are over water equipped and where are the remote rafts located? MD-88 has 4 rafts located in the overhead bin at rows 12 and 27 *The MD-90 is not overwater equipped at all, no rafts or escape ropes.
In a ditching, can slides be used as a flotation device? Yes, detach and turn over.
Which way do you face to open cabin window exit? Aft
In a land evacuation, what areas do FAs brief the pax? -1R: F/C -Aft Single: Forward coach cabin to window exits -Aft L: Window exits back
What are the tailcone slide indicator colors showing that it has inflated? MD-88: Green MD-90: Orange
Is the tailcone slide detachable? No
How do you make an emergency signal? Press "ATT" button 3X
How do you make a PA from handset? Press PA and PTT
What happens in a decompression? -Mask doors open and you must pull down the mask to activate. -Side wall lights go bright.
Who is the Door Safety FA? Aft L
Who briefs window exit pax? Aft L
What is the remote raft capacity on the MD-88? 46
What are the 5 things to take off the A/C in an evacuation? -Flashlight -ELT -First Aid Kit -Megaphone -OBM
Where does the Aft Single FA get their O2 mask in a decompression? MD-88 in the PSU above seats AB (They sit forward-facing and have nothing above them) MD-90 in the compartment next to them (They sit aft-facing in the galley)
Does 1 FA have to remain in coach during boarding? Yes in the area of door 2L
What statements are made by the different FAs during an all-call? Forward FA: "Doors 1LR are armed (disarmed) and cross-checked" Aft Aisle FA: "Door 2L is armed (disarmed) and cross-checked" Aft L (Tailcone) FA: "Headrest is down and cross-checked" for armed and "Headrest is up and cross-checked" for disarmed.
Created by: Trogger