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Sanskrit for SSLY

Sanskrit terms for Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga training

Root Lock Moola Bandha
Stomach Lift Uddiyana Bandha
Chin Lock Jalandhara Bandha
Bellows Breath or Breath of Fire Bhastrika
Shining Breath Kapalabhati
Ocean Breath/Sounding Breath/ Success Breath Ujjayi
Complete Breath Dirgha
Alternate nostril breathing Nadi Shodhana
Knee to Chest Pose Pavanamuktasana
Knee Down Twist Pose Jathara Parivrittanasana
Spinal Twist Pose Matsyendrasana
Butterfly Pose Buddha Konasana
Seated Forward Bend Paschimottanasana
Kneeling Wheel Pose Chakrasana
Child's Pose Balasana
Standing Mountain Pose Tadasana
Tree Pose Vrksasana
One Foot Pose Ekpadasana
Standing Bow Pose Dandayamana Dhanurasana
Triangle Pose Trikonasana
Eagle Pose Garudasana
Standing Angle Pose Dandayamana Konasana
Lotus Flexion Padmasana
Upward facing Knee to Head Pose Supta Janu Sirsasana
Bow Pose Dhanurasana
Locust Pose Salabhasana
Bridge Pose Setu Bandhasana
Shoulder Pose Sarvangasana
Plow Pose Halasana
Fish Pose Matsyasana
Salutation Pose Pranamasana
Sky Reaching Pose/ Hands to Sky Hasta Uttanasana
Hands to Foot Pose Pada Hastasana
Equestrian Pose Ashwa Sanchalanasana
Mountain Pose Parvatasana
Eight Limbs Pose Asthanga Namaskar
Cobra Pose Bhujangasana
Root Chakra Muladhara
Creativity Chakra Svadhisthana
Energy Chakra Manipura
Heart Chakra Anahata
Expression Chakra Vishudda
Intuition Chakra Ajna
Consciousness Chakra Sahaswara
1st Branch of Yoga/ Rules of Social Behavior Yamas
non-violence Ahimsa
truthful speech Satya
appropriate sexual control Brahmacharya
honesty Asteye
Generosity Aparigraha
2nd Branch of Yoga/ Rules of personal behavior Niyamas
Purity Shoucha
Contentment Santosha
Discipline Tapas
Spiritual exploration Svadhyana
Surrender to the Divine Ishwara Pranidhana
3rd Branch of Yoga / pose, seat, position Asana
4th Branch of Yoga / Breathing Exercises Pranayama
5th Branch of Yoga/ Directing senses inward & with awareness to the elements of the senses Pratyahara
6th Branch of Yoga/ Mastery of attention & intention Dharana
7th Branch of Yoga / Development of Witnessing Awareness Dhyana
8th Branch of Yoga / Being settled in pure, unbounded awareness Samadhi
Yoga of Understanding Gyan
Yoga of Love and Devotion Bhakti
Action that generates a reaction Karma
Yoga of meditation Raja
Law of Pure Potentiality Om Bhavam Namah - I am absolute existence.
Law of Giving and Recieving Om Vardhanam Namah - I am the nourisher of the Universe and the Universe nourishes me.
Law of Karma or Cause & Effect Om Kriyam Namah - My actions are aligned with cosmic law.
Law of Least Effort Om Daksham Namah - My actions achieve maximal benefit with minimal effort.
Law of Intention & Desire OmRitam Namah - My intentions and desires are supported by cosmic intelligence.
Law of Detachment Om Anandham Namah - My actions are blissfully free from attachment to outcome.
Law of Dharma or purpose in life Om Varunam Namah - My life is in harmony with cosmic law.
Created by: SSLY