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Interior pat facts

Pattern id 1 midterm review

What are the five internal evils? Interior Wind, cold, fire (heat), dry and damp
Interior wind is always related to? Liver disorder
What are the different ways that interior wind can arise? Extreme heat, liver yang rising, liver fire and deficiency of liver blood or liver yin
What are the main clinical manifestations of interior wind? Tremors, Tics, severe dizziness, vertigo, numbness, in severe cases convulsions, unconsciousness, hemiplagia and deviation of the mouth (stroke)
What causes interior cold? Either excess(cold) or deficiency (yang) issue.
What is excess cold caused by? An exterior cold that has moved to the interior and into internal organs
Yang deficiency is caused by? Excess cold injures yang causing yang deficiency. Or spleen or kidney yang deficiency
The main clinical manifestations of cold are? Feeling of cold, cramping pain, cold Limbs, thin clear discharges, symptoms are aggravated by cold and relieve by heat, desire for warm drinks,
Dull white complexions, thin or thick white tongue coating, pale tongue body, slow weak or full type pulse are symptoms of what? Internal Cold or yang deficiency
What are the 3 ways that interior dryness can arise? From external dryness, from yin deficiency, from diet (which may Later lead to yin deficiency)
What are the three organs most affected by dryness? Stomach, lungs and kidneys
What is stomach Dryness caused by? Eating dry food, eating late at night or in a hurry deplete stomach fluids leading to dryness and eventually Yin deficiency
What causes lung dryness? Excessive use of voice for many years for smoking tobacco depletes lung Yin
What causes kidney dryness?
What are the main clinical manifestations of dryness? Dry skin, dry mouth, dry tongue w/ cracks, dry cough, dry stools, thirst,and scanty urine
What type of pathogenic factor is fire? Internal pathogenic factor
What organs does fire effect? Heart, liver, stomach,lungs, and intestines
Fire is very drying and can damage? Blood and Yin
Bleeding is caused by? Internal Fire
Fire can effect? The mind (shen)
What is the progression of stagination over time? Causes heat which can lead to fire, and eventually causes wind(if in the liver)
What causes fire? Exterior pathogenic factor invading the interior, excess consumption of hot, spicy food and alcohol/smoking, emotional stress, prolonged stagnation
What are the main clinical manifestations of fire? Feeling of heat, sweating, Red face, red eyes, headache, thirst with a desire for cold drinks, dark scanty urine, dry stools
Thick yellow mucus, smelly secretion, mental restlessness, anixiety, ulcers, rapid pulse, red tongue (especially tip of the tongue) are indications of what internal pathogenic factor Internal fire
Fire in chronic interior conditions can develop into what? Toxic heat
Signs and symptoms of toxic heat are? Painful swelling with a larg boil, swollen appendix, acne, all with redness and heat
Interior dampness arises from? Spleen deficiency and sometime kidney deficiency.
What happens when spleens function of t&t of fluids is disrupted? Fluids will accumulate and eventually form dampness
In what organs do you find dampness? Stomach, spleen, bladder, intestines, uterus, gallbladder, liver, and kidneys
Characteristics of dampness when it is heavy Heavy Weighs the body down causing a feeling of tiredness, heaviness of limbs & head, fullness in the chest and abdomen.
Characteristics of dampness; Dirty Reflected in dirty dischargee such as cloudy urine, vaginal discharge or skin diseases w/dirty fluids oozing.
Characteristics of dampness; Sticky Makes it difficult to get rid of and is reflected in sticky tongue coating
Dampness may affect many organs and may cause many issues including? Skin diseases, digestive diseases, urinary, menstrual and sinus problems.
Common clinical manifestations of dampness are? Fullness in the abdomen, heavy sensation, tiredness, turbid urine, excessive vaginal discharge, muscle ache, sinus problems, sticky tongue coating, slippery or soggy pulse
What are the two ways that Phlegm can be viewed as? Visible substance secreted by the lung which can be coughed, spat or vomited out or consequence of the internal disruption of the body's fluid metabolism
What is the main cause of phlegm Spleen Qi deficiency
Besides spleen Qi deficiency what organs may also be involved in the formation of phlegm The lung and kidneys
Misting the mind is caused by? Phlegm. The consequence of internal disruption of the body's fluid metabolism (mainly the heart's moving & transporting abilities)
How does phlegm disrupt the ability of spleen? Disruption of the ability to transform and transport fluids
How does phlegm disrupt the ability of lungs? The ability to diffuse and descend fluids
How does phlegm disrupt the abilities of the kidneys? The ability to transform and excrete fluids
How does phlegm disrupt the abilities of the heart? The ability of moving and transporting which may cause shen problems
Describe some characteristics of phlegm Dense sticky thick and torbid. It obstructs it is difficult to remove
What are the clinical manifestations of phlegm? Feeling of oppression in the chest, nausea, feeling of heaviness, cloudy feeling in the head, dizziness, mucus in the stools, cough with phlegm.
little or no desire to drink, palpitations, lumps or nodules under the skin, swollen tongue with sticky coat, slippery-soggy or wiry pulse indicate what? Clinical manifestations of phlegm
What are the two main types of phlegm you can have? Phlegm heat and the phlegm cold
Coughing with yellow, sticky phlegm that may be difficult to expectorate is a sign of what? Phlegm heat in the Lungs
Feeling hot, irritable or manic in extreme cases is a sign of what? Phlegm heat in the heart
White and sticky tongue coating, slow deep slippery pulse is a sign of what? Phlegm heat in the large intestines and stomach
A yellow and greasy tongue coating with red tongue, slippery and rapid pulse are indications of what internal pathological factor Phlegm heat signs
Aversion to cold, cold limbs are examples of Phlegm cold doing what? obstructing wei Qi and yang from warming the body
Cough, cough with clear and/or white phlegm are signs of what? Cold phlegm in the Lungs
A white and sticky tongue coating with a slow deep slippery pulse are indications of what internal pathological factor?
Is dampness an exterior or interior or both pathogenic factor Both exterior and/ or interior
Where does dampness mostly originate from? spleen dysfunction
Where/what does dampness mostly affects Mostly The lower jiao but can settle in the head
What are the characteristics of dampness Sticky, dirty, and tends to flow downwards
Does phlegm orginate from an interior or exterior or both pathogenic factor? Originate only from an interior pathogen
Where does phlegm mostly originate from? The spleen however, lungs and kidneys are also involved
Mental problems can be caused by? Phlegm misting the mind
What can originate from the condensing action of fire on the body fluids? Phlegm
What is hemiplagia? Paralysis of one side of the body (manifestation of interior wind)
Created by: Jkellycal