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Computer Exam

Computer 1st 9weeks exam

The __________ is text that appears at the top of every page of a document. header
The blinking line that shows where your text or object will be inserted is called the ________. cursor
To move quickly to the beginning of the line, you can press _____. home
To quickly select a word, ___________ on it. double click
_______________ puts whatever was last copied or cut and places it in the document. paste
The _________ key erases text to the right of the cursor. delete
The ___________ is text that appears at the bottom of each page in a document. footer
To move quickly to the end of the document, press ___________ Ctrl + end
When the cursor automatically goes to the next line if a word doesn't fit, it is called _________. word wrap
To move quickly to the beginning of the document, press _______. Ctrl + home
To move quickly to the beginning of the line, press _______. home
To move quickly to the end of the line, press __________. end
ctrl+B bold
CTRL+ I italic
ctrl+u underline
ctrl+e center
ctrl+L left align
ctrl+r right align
ctrl+j justify
ctrl+spacebar clear formatting
CTRL+Z undo
CTRL+X cut
CTRL+C copy
CTRL+V paste
CTRL+A select all
CTRL+F find
CTRL+H replace
CTRL+N new
CTRL+O open
CTRL+S save
CTRL+P print
CTRL+ENTER new page
your rent payment is an example of a ____________ expense fixed
credit card payments, groceries, and eating out are examples of what variable expenses
rent, car insurance, and groceries are _________ needs
cable service, and brand name clothing are _____________ wants
money you earn from working and receive as a gift is ________ income
__________ help you plan how to spend money budgets
what are some sources of income? birthday money, tips, and a stipend from an internship
Created by: dovers2