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ERJ 170 Autoflight

Automation questions

When will the FGCS automatically select half-bank? What is the bank angle? • FL250• 17° bank angle
What is FPA? • Flight Path Angle is a pilot-selectable pitch attitude (in degrees) of climb or descent• FGCS adjusts thrust & pitch to maintain path angle and airspeed
What does the TOGA button do? • On ground Activates takeoff guidance crossbars• In flight Activates Go-Around guidance
What do the takeoff guidance crossbars do? • Maintain extended runway centerline • Maintain pitch guidance according to slat/flap setting
When is the TOGA mode deactivated? • Another vertical mode is selected• Autopilot is activated• TCS button is pressed
When will the FD automatically display? • TOGA button is pressed• Autopilot is activated• Windshear detection
What is the function of the TCS button? • Allows manual override of the autopilot• When released, airplane maintains new altitude (provided ALT was the active vertical mode) but will return to previously lateral mode (except ILS, autopilot will recapture the LOC/GS)
What will disengage the autopilot? • AP button on GP is pushed• Any manual pitch trim is activated• Either AP/TRIM DISC button is pushed• Stick shaker activated• Flight controls in direct mode• Aileron or elevator controls disconnected• Overpowering the yoke
Can the yaw damp be deactivated if the autopilot is on? • Yes, it is independent of the autopilot
When will the auto-throttles engage on the ground? In flight? • On ground AT TO (GP) is armed & TLA > 50°• In flight AT (GP) is armed & airplane > 400 ft AGL
Will the auto-throttles compensate for gusty wind conditions? • Yes, up to 5 kts
What will disengage the auto-throttles? • AT (TL or GP) is pushed• TLA difference > 8°• TL at idle with weight-on-wheels or wheels spinning• Internal system failures
What is SPDe? What mode uses SPDe? • Speed on Elevator, thrust is fixed and pitch is adjusted to maintain airspeed (VS changes)• FLCH uses SPDe for climbs and descents
What is SPDt? What modes use SPDt? • Speed on Thrust, thrust is adjusted to maintain selected airspeed• FPA, VS, GS, ALT, ASEL
What are the AT modes? • SPDe, SPDt, TO, GA, HOLD, RETARD (@ 30 ft RA)
What does LIM & OVRD mean on the FMA? • LIM The selected vertical mode requires more or less engine thrust than is available• OVRD The TL are being manually moved (no AP disengagement)
When is CRZ automatically selected? • When +100 ft of selected altitude for 90 seconds• Desired airspeed must be achieved or it will remain in CLB mode
What does the SRC button do? • Selects pilot or co-pilot as the data source for the AFCS
What does the red AP/TRIM DISC button on the yoke do? • Disconnects the autopilot• Stops all trim actuation if button is pushed and held
What does the PREV button do? • Allows the capture of ILS/BC course while still using the FMS as the basic NAV source provided the AUTO TUNE function is enabled on the MCDU and the approach is loaded in the FMS
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