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ERJ 170 awareness

Crew Awareness Items

Which displays can be reverted? Which displays cannot be reverted? • MFDs can be reverted to either EICAS or PFD• PFDs and EICAS cannot be reverted
Explain the ‘AUTO’ functions of the EDS REVERSIONARY panels • EICAS failure Each MFD displays EICAS• PFD failure Respective MFD displays associated side PFD• MFD failure No auto reversion
Explain the ‘PFD’, ‘MFD’, and ‘EICAS’ selections on the EDS REVERSIONARY panel • PFD Respective PFD will display on associated MFD• MFD MFD cannot be reverted• EICAS EICAS displays on the associated MFD
How many ADSs (Air Data Systems) are installed and how are they assigned? • 5 installed ADS 1 Captain ADS 2 First Officer ADS 3 Standby ADS 4 IESS ADS 5 Flight Controls
What happens if ADS 1 or 2 fails? • ADS 3 automatically becomes the source• If ADS 3 fails, then the respective x-side ADS is used (i.e. ADS 1 reverts to ADS 2)
What happens if the ADS button is pushed? • The respective onside ADS reverts to ADS 3• The respective onside ADS reverts to the x-side ADS if the button is pushed a second time• The respective onside ADS returns if the button is pushed a third time unless the respective side is already faile
Is there an automatic reversion for an IRS failure? • No, it must be manually reverted
What happens if the IRS button is pushed? • The respective IRS to the x-side IRS source
How would the pilot know if the ADS or IRS reversion button has been pushed? • An ADS or IRS flag would be displayed on the associated PFD
What is the primary flight instrument if both IRS’s fail? • IESS
What type of approach is prohibited using the IESS? • LOC BC
When will the EICAS de-clutter? • 30 seconds after gear and flaps are up and all system parameters are normal
What is the function of the EICAS FULL button? • Inhibits the automatic de-clutter of the EICAS
When will the EICAS display all of its information? • When the gear is down, flaps are extended, or spoilers are deployed under normal conditions• APU running
What color is the course needle (CDI) when using the FMS, VOR/LOC, and x-side data? • FMS Magenta• VOR/LOC Green• X-side info Yellow
What runways are included in the database of the EGPWS? • Runways > 3500’ with a published approach
How long until impact with a terrain alert on EGPWS? • RED 30 sec• AMBER 60 sec
When should the ‘GND PROX TERR INHIB’ button be pushed? • To cancel unwanted terrain alerts when operating at airports not in the EGPWS database
What will generate a windshear caution? Warning? • Caution Increasing headwind and/or updrafts• Warning Decreasing headwind, increasing tailwind, and/or downdrafts
What our policy for windshear encounters? • Caution Captain/crew discretion • Warning Firewall thrust and climb in current configuration until warning ceases
How is the pilot alerted during a windshear? • Caution Amber windshear flag on PFD / aural “CAUTION, WINDSHEAR”• Warning Red windshear flag on PFD / aural “WINDHEAR, WINDSHEAR, WINDSHEAR”
Will the autopilot deactivate during windshear guidance? YES
How long will the windshear alerting last? • Until 1500’ RA
Will the windshear alerting system function if both radar altimeters and/or EGPWS are inop? NO
What is checked when the ‘T/O CONFIG’ button is pushed? • Parking brake Off• Spoilers Stowed (not deployed)• Flaps Set for takeoff• Pitch trim Set for takeoff
What does a red ATT or HDG flag on a PFD indicate? • Attitude or Heading reference cannot be determined by the associated IRS
What does a red ‘X’ on the ASI, altimeter, or VSI indicate? • Airspeed, altitude, or vertical speed cannot be determined by the ADS
What is the function of the ‘GND PROX GS INHIB’ button? • To cancel unwanted glideslope alerts below 2000 ft
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