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ERJ 170 Oxygen syst.

Oxygen System questions

Where can O2 pressure be read? • MFD ‘STATUS’ page (corrected for temperature)• At the O2 cylinder panel (un-corrected for temperature)
Do the cockpit crew and the passengers share the same emergency oxygen? • No, the cockpit crew uses an O2 cylinder and the cabin passengers use O2 chemical generators
Once the chemical O2 generators are started can they be shut off? NO
What is the minimum O2 for a cockpit crew? • 2 crew “Blue for 2”• 3 crew “Green for 3”
What activates when the flight deck O2 masks are removed from their storage unit? • Flow of O2• Mask microphone• Flight deck speakers
What happens if the TEST/RESET button is pressed while the flight deck O2 masks are not stowed? • Stops flow of O2• Deactivates mask microphone• Deactivates flight deck speakers
What type of oxygen will the quick-donning cockpit crew masks provide? • Emergency Pure oxygen with positive pressure• 100% Pure oxygen at all altitudes• Normal Oxygen/air mixture (ratio depends on cabin altitude)
During preflight how would you know if the cockpit crew O2 has been over pressurized? • The green blow-out disc would be missing on the forward right side of the fuselage
What is the O2 duration for the following? • Passenger O2 12 min• Flight Attendant cylinder 30 min• PBE 15 min
When will the passenger O2 masks automatically deploy • Cabin altitude of 14,000 MSL
Can the O2 door dispensing units be opened manually if it fails to automatically deploy? • Yes, via a Manual Release Tool (MRT) located at each FA station
What does the PBE provide? • Pressurized O2 and protection from smoke, fumes, and fire up to 40,000 ft for at least 15 minutes• Blue indication: Good• Pink indication: Bad• Vacuum loss: Bad (even with a blue indication)
How many portable O2 cylinders are installed in the cabin? • 2, one in the FWD section and 1 in the AFT section • 2 masks per cylinder
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