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ERJ 170 LDG Gear sys

Landing Gear and Brakes System questions

How is the landing gear extended and retracted? • Electrically commanded and hydraulically actuated
When will the aural warning for the landing gear sound? • If the gear is not down and locked, and < 700’ RA and low TLA, or Any altitude with flaps set > 5
Can the landing gear aural warning be silenced by pushing the ‘LG WRN INHIB’ button? • Only if both radio altimeters have failed
What are three landing gear extension modes? • Normal LG lever DOWN• Electric override Bypasses PSEM to directly command selector valve• Alternate gear extension Manual uplock release opens free-fall sequencing valve
What is the purpose of the DN LOCK RLS button on the landing gear lever? • Mechanically releases the landing gear lever lock• Lock protects against inadvertent landing gear retraction when weight-on-wheels
What keeps the gear locked in position? • Extended Downlock springs• Retracted Uplock hooks
Describe the landing gear indications? • Green Down & locked• White Up & locked• Amber In transit• Red gear position & lever disagreement (20 sec grace period)
How do the landing gear doors actuate? • Mechanically, during landing gear extension or retraction
How are the brakes commanded? • Brake by Wire• Electrically commanded and hydraulically actuated• Pedal position transducers send brake requests to the BCM (Brake Control Module)
What hydraulic system(s) provide brake pressure? • HYD 1 Outboard brakes• HYD 2 Inboard brakes• HYD 1 & 2 Parking/emergency brake
What protections are provided for braking? • Touchdown No braking until 3 seconds or > 50 kts wheel speed after touchdown• Anti-skid Compares wheel speeds and releases pressure (inop <10 kts)• Locked-wheel Allows up to 33% differential braking for steering purposes (inop <30 kts)
How many applications will the parking/emergency brake provide? • 6 applications
What stops the wheels from spinning during retraction? • Main gear BCM applies brakes after weight-off-wheels• Nose gear Snubbers in the nose bay stop the wheels
Which hydraulic system controls the nosewheel steering? • HYD 2
What are the limits for the nosewheel steering? • Angle varies with ground speed• Up to 40 kts +76° • 41 to 100 kts Decreases linearly from 76° to 7°
Created by: rah170