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ERJ 170 FLT Controls

Flight Control systems questions

What is the only primary flight control that is not FBW (Fly-By-Wire)? • Ailerons
What is the difference between normal mode and direct mode? • There are no higher level functions available in direct mode
What are the higher level functions associated with pitch? • Gain on airspeed• Elevator thrust compensation• AOA limiting
What are the higher level functions associated with yaw? • Yaw damp• Turn coordination• Thrust asymmetry• Gain on airspeed – as airspeed increases, rudder deflection decreases
What is the priority for the trim system? • Back-up• Captain• First Officer• Autopilot
How is roll controlled? • Ailerons and multi-function spoilers (outer 3 spoilers on each wing)
How many multi-function spoilers are on each wing? What are their functions? • 5• 3 outboard spoilers are used to assist in roll control and for ground spoilers• 2 inboard spoilers are only used for ground spoilers
When will the speed brakes automatically close even if the lever shows deployed? • Flaps > 2• Airspeed < 180 kts• TLA > 70°
What is the flap/slat extension/retraction sequence? • Slats extend first• Flaps retract first
Will loss of airspeed data cause the flight controls to go into ‘DIRECT’ mode? YES
Can a FCM override pilot input? • No, the pilot always has supreme control
What happens to artificial feel if flight controls are disconnected? • Artificial feel is felt at ½ the normal load
How are the flight controls trimmed? • Roll & Yaw Ailerons and Rudder surface repositioned to a new ‘neutral position’• Pitch Horizontal Stabilizer
Will the multi-function spoilers function in ‘DIRECT’ mode? • Yes, for roll only and at a default fixed gain
Will the speed brakes / ground spoilers function in ‘DIRECT’ mode? NO
What happens to the flight control system when the RAT is the only AC power source? • Horizontal stab trim operates at ½ speed• Slat / flap system operates at ½ speed• Slat / flap position is limited to ‘3’ to allow adequate airspeed for the RAT
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