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1st nine weeks test

True or False. Everyone can do whatever job they want to do. False
True or False. The average person spends more time doing work related activities. True
True or False. Most careers in the future will require more than a high school education. True
What career specialty is vet assistant in? Agriculture, food, and Natural Resources Cluster
How many career clusters are there? 16 clusters
True or False. The perfect job always happen, you don't have to go and look for it False
True or False. The top ten jobs have changed over time. True
What field is the Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Cluster in? Environmental and Agricultural System Field
What field is the Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communications Cluster in? Communications and Information System Field
What is Job shadowing? is an informal assessment activity where a person spends several hours following a worker at their job.
What does Internship mean? is a part-time, on-the-job training that reinforces classroom instruction without pay, usually.
True or False. Most high-tech jobs do not require a bachelors degree. True
What is a career Cluster? is a group of careers with similar skills based on educational levels.
True or False. The majority of people send their entire life in the same career. False
True or False. Most people are not fired from being lazy. True
What are some jobs in the Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Cluster? Vet assistant, landscape contractor, and forestry worker.
How many career fields are there? 6 fields
True or False. Anyone who plans to work right out of high school, still needs the same basic skills as someone planning to go to college. True
Created by: Myacalmes2
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