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Flavin Sarah


App A windows 8 application, which is an application that takes up the entire screen when it runs and provides a clean, uncluttered workspace for viewing information.
Application software The software you use most directly to perform tasks, such as writing a report.
BIOS Basic input output system, non volatile firmware used to perform hardware initialization during the booting process (power on start up) and to provide runtime services for operating systems and programs.
Buffer Part of memory or storage where data waits until it can be transferred to a device.
Bits The smallest unit of data a computer can process; short for binary digit.
Cache A hardware or software component that stores data so future requests for that data can be served faster.
Clock speed A measure of how quickly a computer completes basic computations and operations frequently measured in HERTZ.
Command line interface Interacting with a computer program where the user issues commands to the program in the form of successive lines of text (command lines).
Commercial For company profit.
Common file A list of common file extensions and file types that are good to know, organized by file format.
Computer definition 1 input, 2 process, 3 store, 4 output, 5 communication
Computer literacy Having the ability to use today's computer hardware and software used by professional designers to create models of products, buildings and other objects; engineering and technical drawings; and blueprints for architectural projects.
Data A collection of raw, unprocessed facts, including text, numbers, sound, images, and video.
Database A collection of related data organized into tables for rapid search and retrieval.
Defragmenting A type of disk management tool that optimizes the way files are stored on the disk.
Desktop Computer A computer that fits on or next to a desk, is designed to be stationary, and runs on the desktop.
Digital divide An economic gap between those who are computer literate and enjoy access to computer technology and those who do not.
Documents A written, drawn presented or memorialized representation of thought.
Download Slower than upload and receive a file.
Driver Hardware that can retrieve and usually record data on a disk.
Embedded OS's An operating system included in the hardware of a device, and that is designed to run the device for a specific purpose and a single type of task with little or no intervention from users.
File system The hierarchy of folders and files an operating system uses to organize files.
Folders/Subfolders Container; can have subfolders to further organize the information.
GUI Graphical user interface. Uses icons.
Hardware Physical components such as wires, transistors, and circuits and electronic devices such as a computer, printer, and monitor.
Information Organized data. Data processed into meaningful form.
Information processing cycle The series of steps that includes input, processing, output, and storage.
Internet A worldwide system of linked computers.
Laptop computer A lightweight mobile computer about the size of a paper notebook that includes the system components, keyboard, pointing device, and display screen in a single unit.
Linux A personal computer operating system related to UNIX.
Machine cycle Basic operation performed by a CPU.
Mainframes A powerful computer designed for intensive data processing for hundreds or thousands of users at the same time.
Managing files The ability to manipulate files on your PC.
MS Office An office suite of servers and services developed by Microsoft including Microsoft word, Excel and power point.
Multicore A single chip that contains more than one processor, and includes dual-core processors.
Multiprocessing An operating system technique that splits tasks among processors so that each processor can work on a different task at the same time.
Multitasking Working with more than one program at the same time.
Multi threading A technique that allows the operating system to handle many parts of a single program.
Naviagtion The ability to move from one page to another on your PC.
Notebook Lightweight mobile computer.
Operating system Software that coordinates the resources and activities on a computer.
Page The amount of data and instructions the operating system can swap at one time.
Parts of a CPU Arithmetic/ logic, Control unit and registers.
Patch A small program that corrects or enhances existing software.
Performance indicators How efficiently hardware and software perform tasks.
Peripherals Any device that works with the computer such as a keyboard or a mouse.
Plug and Play An operating system feature that finds and installs a device driver for new hardware so you can use the new hardware right away.
POST Power on self test; a process performed by firmware or software routines immediatly after computer is turned on.
Presentation software Documentation file in PowerPoint.
TAM Technology acceptance model; how users accept and use technology. Suggest that when users are presented with a new technology a number of factors influence their decision of how and when to use it.
Recycle Bin An area on your hard disk that holds deleted files until you remove them permanently.
ROM Circuit board, non volatile permanent.
Server Operating systems An operating system that resides on a server computer and is used to manage a network.
Servers A computer that provides network services such as sharing files and folders.
Service pack A collection of updates, fixes, or enhancements to software delivered as a single file.
Shortcut An icon or tile that provides a quick way to perform an action such as opening a folder.
Smartphones A cell phone that includes many features of a computer, such as an operating system and the ability to connect to the Internet.
Software Instructions, or programs, for controlling a computer.
Software license (EULA) A legal agreement that specifies how you can install and use software.
Software registrations An optional process of identifying yourself to the software manufacturer as the person who purchased a copy of the software.
URL Uniform resource locator; web address.
Virtual memory The part of a computer's storage space that can serve as additional RAM.
Windows "windows 8" The more recent version of the operating system.
Word processing The production, storage, and manipulation of text on a computer or word processor.
World Wide Web Often referred to as the Web and abbreviated as WWW or W3; a global collection of interconnected documents (web pages) and other resources.
Zip files Archive file format that supports lossless data compression. May contain one or more files that have been compressed.
Bytes Group of 8 bits.
Shareware Software that is able to be used and purchase later. Example Free trial.
Freeware Software that is free to use but is still copyrighted.
Public domain software Software that is free and not copyrighted.
Created by: Iteach4Docs