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Unit 2

study for boss battle

A spending plan, some might call that a ______ , is important no matter what your _______ level, no matter how large or how small your assets are. Budget, income
The first section of a spending plan is ______ income
Your goal in developing a _________ ________ is to be able to pay all of your expenses each month and put money into a savings or investment ac count and having a good spending plan in place will help you achieve this goal. Spending Plan
The first thing you want to consider is the different types of _________, which we covered in the vocabulary in the beginning. expenses
If someone comes in with a spending plan, it shows they have _________, they have thought out, they have a little ________ In their financial life. maturity,discipline
_________ _________, which has become the fastest growing crime in America, occurs when a person steals your personal information, such as your _________ ________ number, and begins to get credit in your name. Identity theft,social security
It is already happening to nearly ____ ________Americans every year. one million
Your identity can be stolen in a number of different ways, especially with all the technology today, but still, overwhelmingly the most common is ____ _______. Dumpster diving
You can also put your name on the lists known as the____ ______ _______ and Do Not Solicit lists, which will minimize, if not completely stop any credit card solicitations coming to your home. Do Not Call
In addition to trying to steal your identity, they also watch for checks which come in the _____ they can take and cash for themselves if they have access to information about your ______ _______. mail, personal identity
The best way to limit their access to your information is to _______ everything. shred
Do not ever provide information in an ______ directly in the body of the _______ or in an attachment which contains your personal information. e-mail
Hackers can access your_____ _______ ______ and texts , just like they can your e-mails. cell Phone conversations
When creating a password for your online accounts, use a combination of_________ , upper and lowercase, and numbers. letters
_______ _______ are easy and common targets for identity thieves. Credit cards
It is recommended you carry one for purchases you make in _______ and have a separate card for online purchases. person
Identity theft can ruin your _______ __ ______. credit score
Your credit report is a way for you and potential lenders, ______ ______and employers to find out how well you pay your bills on time; how much you owe; what, if any, court judgments have been made against you and other basic personal information. landlords
When you realize you have become a victim of ____ ____ the first step you must take is to contact all banks and ______ ______)companies where you have an open account and tell them what has happened. identity theft, credit card
Then, file a ______ _____ so that they can begin the process to find the criminal. police report
Created by: josephcisneros2