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Unit3 Modern Fiction

Cather, Welty, Wright, Hurston, Faulkner

In the early twentieth century, how did American literature change in terms of its contributors and its range of subjects? It became broader and more diverse.
What is one way in which early twentieth-century American literature differed from nineteenth-century American literature? Early twentieth-century American literature often focused on ordinary people and everyday conflicts.
Which of the following best describes the differences between Boston and Nebraska in "A Wagner Matinee"? Boston is safe and civilized, while Nebraska is rugged and unsettled.
Willa Cather's decision to write "A Wagner Matinee" from Clark's point of view means that readers __________. know only what Clark tells them and have their opinions shaped by his
Why does Aunt Georgiana say, "I don't want to go!" at the end of "A Wagner Matinee" when it is time to leave the concert hall? She must leave music behind and return to the silent fields and routine chores of her Nebraska farm.
What does Eudora Welty employ as a metaphor for life in "A Worn Path"? Phoenix Jackson's journey into town
What motivates Phoenix Jackson in "A Worn Path"? her loving dedication to her grandson
In Black Boy, what does the young Richard Wright associate with the bitterness and pain he feels over being abandoned by his father? the pangs of hunger he suffers
What does Richard Wright learn by the end of the excerpt from Black Boy that you read in this unit? He learns to stand up for himself and to take control of his own destiny.
As "The Inside Search" begins, why is Zora Neale Hurston's grandmother upset with Zora for riding with white people who pass through their village? She worries that Zora will offend the white people and face violent consequences.
What does Zora Neale Hurston recognize by the end of "The Inside Search?" She can use her intelligence to have new experiences and opportunities.
In his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, what fear does William Faulkner say negatively influences many modern writers? the fear of being destroyed by an atomic bomb
In his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, William Faulkner asserts that writers whose work focuses on "the problems of the human heart in conflict with itself" and issues surrounding "universal truths" can ultimately __________. help humanity to not only endure but to prevail
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