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Unit 4 skills test

The word confound means? Confuse
Why do people wonder about the marriage between Dr. Reefy and his wife? His wife is young, beautiful, and wealthy.
Which word best describes Dr. Reefy? peculiar
What is unique about Dr. Reefy's hands? They are abnormally large.
When the narrator says "in Doctor Reefy there were the seeds of something very fine," he most likely means that Dr. Reefy __________. has inner qualities that make him admirable
Thanks to the twins' skillful __________, Aunt Phyllis never suspected the surprise party they threw for her. collusion
Unlike the lighthearted __________ of her youth, Rosalind's adulthood proved to be full of frustration and constant __________. placidness...anxiety
Both __________ and __________, the abandoned garden survived the bleak winter and produced an abundance of flowers the following spring. hardy...profuse
Someone with __________ beliefs advocates all types of freedoms, even those that she does not practice. libertarian
After several years of living __________ on an enormous estate, the family members had to admit that their shrinking income was too __________ to allow them to stay. lavishly...meager
If you'd answered my question about geometry correct, I might have believed that you were a mathematician. correct
The heat and the humidity is why I really dislike spending the summer in the city. is
Kevin and Denise thinks roller coasters are scary, and that is something with which I disagree. Kevin and Denise thinks
The British Prime Minister who is visiting the U.S. this week, is extremely charismatic and intelligent. Minister who
The last time we visited this park, you said that there were lots of fish in the pond. No error
Created by: Mrs.Webb