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Comptia A+ 901 1.3

types of RAM

How does the CPU get data from DRAM? The CPU sends via the address bus to the MCC the line of code it needs and then the MCC finds the data and sends it back.
What does the acronym SDRAM stand for? synchronous dynamic random access memory- meaning it's tied to the system clock
What stick of RAM is SDRAM? DIMM- dual inline memory module
How many pins are on a DIMM? 168 pins
How many pins are on a microDIMM? 68, 144, 172 pins for netbooks
How many pins are on a SODIMM? 72, 144, 200 pins laptops
What speeds did SDRAM run at? 66, 75, 83, 100, 133 MHz
What clock speed do you have to select in order for SDRAM to work? SDRAMs clock speed has to match or exceed the clock speed from the frontside bus.
A tech installs a new PC83 SDRAM module into a Pentium III computer with a 100 MHz frontside bus. What will happen? The system will be unstable because the SDRAM speed does not match the speed of the frontside bus.
Intel's Pentium 4 had a clock speed of 400 MHz. What RAM had to be invented in order for this CPU to work? RAMBUS DRAM- RDRAM- at a speed of 800 MHz - $$$
What is the memory stick called for DRAM? SIMM- single inline memory module
What is the memory stick called for RDRAM? RIMM
Why was DDR SDRAM created? It was the industries response to RAMBUS and allowed for 2 processes to occur for every clock cycle.
What does the acronym DDR SDRAM stand for? Double Data Rate SDRAM.
What CPU did the DDR SDRAM copliment? Athlon and AMD processors double- pumped frontside bus
What is the pin amount for DDR SDRAM? 184 pin DIMMS
What is the pin amount for DDR SDRAM SODIMMS? 200 pin SODIMMS
What is the pin amount for DDR SDRAM micro DIMMs? 172 pin MicroDIMMS
What are 2 naming conventions for DDR SDRAM? name of sticks- bytes/ second, MHz speed x 8 bytes then add PC- 400MHz x8B= 3200 MBps, or PC3200; or named by individual DDR chips- DDR400- 400 MHz running on a 200 MHz clock.
What does dual channel architecture mean? 2 sticks of RAM together. Started with RAMBUS
What is the advantage to DDR2? electical characteristics, so it runs faster with less power.
What allowed the DDR2 to run at faster I/O speeds? special buffers that act like a cache
How many pins are on the DDR2 DIMM and SODIMM? DIMM- 240 and SODIMM- 200
How many pins are on the DDR3 DIMM and SODIMM? DIMM- 240 and SODIMM-204 pins
What 3 features does DDR3 RAM provide? 1. buffer allows 8 bis bandwidth. 2. XMP- extended memory profile- power users to easily overclock their RAM 3. higher density memory chips- 16 GB modules
What AMD system supports the triple channel memory? NONE
What Intel system supports the triple channel memory? LGA 1366 platform
Where would you find the use of the DDR3L/ DDR3U? Server farms or data centers- low voltage less heat- DDR3L- 1.35 v; DDR3U- 1.25v
What voltage does DDR3 RAM run at? 1.5v or 1.65 v
What are the specs on the DDR4? 1.2 v; 16 GB; 288 pin DIMM, 260 pin SODIMM; identified instead by bit rate to MT/s (megatransfers per second)
What is the advantage to the UniDIMM standard created by Intel? Compatible for both DDR3 & DDR4. CPU Skylake can handle either DDR3 or DDR4 memory.
Created by: MelCrab