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think you know me? try this test! is updated almost everyday

my fav color? Green
how to spell my middle name 1 j 1 o
my age 11
my fav snack pretzles
my fav icecream sherbert
my fav candy gummies
my fav food chiken alfrado
my fav book buddy
my dog dina
my other dog dobby
my cat dexter
who will i be for halloween hermionie granger
who is hermionie grangers cat crookshanks
the food i hate tomatos
my favriote animal huskeys
my fav sighn peace
my fav youtuber wengie
whats my fav holiday halloween
who is my young sibling ethan
who is my youngest sibling logan
where i dance at MCDA
what my fav dance is lyrical
my friends ME
where i live NOT GOING TO SAY
my fav game on line my singing monster and dance clash and animaljam
can i stuff candy in my face in halloween? YUP
have i been to to great wof lodge and disney land? YES!
can i dress up scary for halloween? No
would i like to eat 100 deserts yes if i would not get sick
My fav tv show bob burgers
am i the oldest of my family? YES
what is my lucky number 16
my fav class art
how much art contests have i won 2
can i snap? NO
how many friends do i have? 6
do i like comic books? yes alot!
can i hear anything when i sleep? Nope
how many stuffed animals do i have? 55!
do i like to clean my room? of course not!
Created by: molly smiles