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Business Law 1

Business Law Constitution

The document that charged King George III with "a history of repeated injuries and usurpation..." Declaration of Independence
In 1781, the 13 states united loosely under what charter? Articles of Confederation
The first 10 amendments to the constitution are called... The Bill of Rights
The right against unreasonable searches and seizures falls under which amendment? 4th
The right to have assistance of counsel falls under what amendment? 6th
Personal, natural rights guaranteed by the Constitution are called... Civil Rights
The requirement that all people be treated with fundamental fairness in compliance with reasonable and just laws is called... Due Process of Law
A right, such as a right to privacy, which is not explicitly mentioned in the Constitution or Bill of Rights is called a(n)... Peripheral Right
Which amendment allowed women to vote? 19th
Which amendment allowed citizens age 18 or older to vote? 26th
Which amendment acknowledges the sovereignty of the states? 10th
The three branches of government are: Executive, Judicial, and... Legislative
Trying a government official for misconduct in office is called... Impeachment
A private organization of citizens who select and promote candidates for election to public office is called a(n)... Political Party
We are not a pure democracy. We are a(n)... Republic
The number of years in a term for a member of the Senate Six (6)
The side of Congress that can bring impeachment charges against a government official. House of Representatives
The type of laws that deal with the PROCESS of administering the law. Procedural Law
Laws made by Administrative Agencies Rules & Regulations
Laws that are created by the legislature at the State or Federal level. Statutes
The concept of relying on the results of past cases in order to determine current or future ones. Precedent or Stare Decisis
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