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Web Design HTML EFGH

nav Semantic element used for main page buttons or page links
footer Semantic element used for the bottom of the page, usually copyright information
header Semantic element used for the top of the page, usually a heading banner
UL Tag that creates a bulleted list
OL Tag that creates a numbered list
decimal The default ordered list
disc The default unordered list
DL Tag for a type of list that does not include numbers or icons; it includes a term and a definition
indented If you forget to switch off a list, this will happen to any block element that comes after it
list-style-type The property declaration to style a list to a different bullet or number format
square The value declaration to style a list to square bullets
upper-alpha The value declaration to style a list to capital letters
upper-roman The value declaration to style a list to capital roman numerals
inline To make a list not have line breaks inside, like for creating a navigation bar, set the display property for the list items to this value
72 The typical resolution in dots per inch (dpi) for web graphics
src The attribute used with the image tag (img) to set the location of the image to be displayed
alt The attribute used with the image tag (img) to set an image description for accessibility purposes
empty Image tags do not have separate closing tags; they are considered this type of tag
inline Image tag--block or inline?
center You cannot float an image this direction
png This image format has millions of colors and supports transparency
gif This image format has 256 colors, supports transparency, and can be amimated
jpg This image format is most common for photographs, cannot include transparent areas, and has millions of colors
svg This image format is flexible and scalable; the coordinates are created mathematically by code and no actual image is saved to a folder
width To make an image automatically scale down as you zoom out on a page, style this on the image to be 100%
auto To center a DIV box, give it a width and then style the margin to this
responsive Images that automatically scale or elements that adjust when the viewport changes (or browser is zoomed) are called:
id A DIV tag that will only be used once must have a name assigned using this attribute
float To make an image be wrapped by text, you would style this property to left or right
clear After an image that is floating, if you want the next block element to "not start" until after the image has finished displaying, you would apply this style to that block element
true true or false? You cannot center an img tag
figure Multiple images can be contained in this tag, which would allow the use of a caption
figcaption If you wish to caption images, use this tag inside the figure
url When adding images to backgrounds or lists, don't forget to put these before the parenthesis in the code
extension When saving images from the web to use, it is important to pay attention to the file _______ when you insert it into the code
color Styling a border should include three properties-- style, size, and this
border Dashed is an example of a kind of ______ style
anchor A hyperlink starts with this kind of tag
blue The default color of an unvisited hyperlink
purple The default color of a visited hyperlink
hand When you point to a hyperlink in the browser, the mouse pointer changes to this
_blank When creating an absolute hyperlink to a site on the internet, set the target attribute to this
Created by: skindawg