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Shop Safety

Safety is the responsibility of ___________. everyone
At work, you should be 100% safe, 100% of the _______. time
Conduct yourself in a manner _____________ to safe shop practices. conducive
_____ point is the point where two rotating mechanisms come together. Nip
Never wear ______ while cleaning a printing press. gloves
Spinning rollers, rotating chains & sprockets, turning gears, and rotating belts are all examples of ____________ in the graphics and design industry. rotating mechanisms
Report all unsafe conditions _____________. immediately
Pull up ______ hair before operating machinery. long
Remove all loose-fitting ________ before operating machinery. jewelry
What part of the federal government governs work place safety and protects the worker? OSHA
What part of the federal government governs environmental impact and protects the environment? EPA
Lockout/Tagout involves _______ the energy source. locking
Tagging means to place a tag with the name and ______ on it to identify who has locked out the machine. date
What is PPE? Personal Protective Equipment
Steel-toed shoes, Eye protection, Aprons, Protective gloves, and Hearing protection are types of __________ in the graphic design industry. PPE
Aprons protect from chemicals and _______. inks
What unit of measure is used to measure sound? decibel
Created by: kristijoyner