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Tongue Body Color

Pale and slightly dry blood deficiency
Pale and wet yang deficiency
Pale, bright and shiny qi and blood deficiency, particularly of stomach and spleen
Red, with coating Heat in the ying or blood level
Red without coating Yin deficiency with heat
Red and wet Heat with retention of dampness
Red and dry with coating Heat from excess burning body fluids
Red and dry withou coating Deficiency heat and exhaustion of bldy fluids
Red and shiny Stomach and/or kidney yin deficiency
Red and scarlet Lung or Heart yin vacuity
Red with red points or spots Heat w/ blood stasis
Red with prockles Heat in yin level or in the upper or middle burner
Red w/ purple spot in the center blood stasis and heat in the stomach
Red and peeled Heat from Stomach and Kidney yin deficiency
Dark red with a dry center Stomach fire blazing or Stomach yin deficiency with heat
Reddish purple Heat and blood stasis
Reddish purple and distended Extreme heat with blood stasis and alcohol toxin injuring the heart
Bluish purple Blood stasis from internal cold
Bluish purple and moist Blood stasis from internal cold, stiffening the tendons and bones
Blue Severe internal cold with blood stasis
Blue without coating Severe internal cold with blood stasis and exhaustion of blood
Blue central surface Spleen yang deficiency with retention of phlegm in the chest
Blue in a pregnant woman Danger of immanent miscarriage
Distended sublingual veing Deficiency and stagnation of qi
Dark, distended sublingual veins Blood stasis
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