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Islamic Dynasties II

Divided into Bahri and Burji dynasties Mamluks
Baybars won at Ayn Jalut Mamluks
Islamic slave soldiers Mamluks
Tulip period and Auspicious Incident Ottoman
Soldiers called Janissaries Ottoman
Mehmet II conquered Constantinople Ottoman
Suleiman the Magnificent Ottoman
One ruler had regent Bairam Khan and 'Nine Jewerlers' advisors Mughal
Founder beat Ibrahim Lodi at Panipot Mughal
Peacock Throne and Take Mahal Mughal
Last ruler is Bahadur Shah II Mughal
Akbar the Great, Babur (founder), Shah Tahan Mughal
Robert Sherley reorganized army into ghulams, tafangchis, and topchis Safavid
Lost at Chaldiran to the Ottomans Safavid
Home to Qizilbash tribes Safavid
Beat "White Sheep" dynasty at Meru Safovid
Capitals of Tabriz and Esfahan Safavid
Rulers are Tahmasp and Ismail I (founder) Safavid
Created by: The A-Man