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Islamic Dynasties

Beat Husayn at Karbala Umayyad
Divided into Sufyanid and Marwanid branches Umayyad
Marwen II lost at Zab, moved to Cardoba Umayyad
Ruled from Damascus Umayyad
Founded by Mu'awiyah Umayyad
Saw Zanj Rebellion Abbasid
Saw rise of Bamarkid family Abbasid
Ended by Hulagu Khan trampling Al Musta'sim Abbasid
Beat Tang Dynasty at Talas Abbasid
Led by Harun al-Rashid Abbasid
Ruled from Baghdad Abbasid
Beat the Ikshiddid dynasty Fatimid
"Mad Caliph" al-Hakim disappeared Fatimid
Founded by al-Mahdi Fatimid
Built Cairo, named after Mohammed's daughter Fatimid
Beat the Ghaznavids at Dandanqan Seljuq
Established Sultanate of Rum Seljuq
Leaders Malik Shah I and Togrul Beg Seljuq
All Arslan beat Romano's IV at Manzikert Seljuq
Declined after defeat at Mansurah Ayyubid
Founded by Shirkuh Ayyubid
Ruler is Saladin Ayyubid
Created by: The A-Man