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Exploring Violence

Finding Found Lands P.2

Killed at the Battle of Las Salinas Francisco Pizarro
Bloody rivalry with Diego de Almagro Francisco Pizarro
Led the Famous Thirteen Francisco Pizarro
Ransomed a room of gold at Cajamarca Francisco Pizarro
Started a battle when someone threw down a Bible Francisco Pizarro
Conquered the Incan Empire Francisco Pizarro
Executed Thomas Daughty Sir Francis Drake
Mayor of Plymouth Sir Francis Drake
"Singed the beard of the King of Spain" with a raid on Cadiz Sir Francis Drake
Circumnavigated the globe on the Golden Hind Sir Francis Drake
Searching for Northwest Passage in the "Half Moon" Henry Hudson
Last seen after a mutiny aboard the Discovery Henry Hudson
Discovered Hudson Bay in Canada Henry Hudson
Killed by native Hawaiians James Cook
Transported Joseph Banks to Tahiti James Cook
Made landfall in Botany Bay James Cook
Found Australia and New Zealand sailing on the H.M.S. Endeavor James Cook
Took a slave named York Lewis and Clark
Interpreter Toussaint Charbonneau and wife Sacagawea were hired Lewis and Clark
Created and wintered in Fort Mandan Lewis and Clark
Left from St. Louis to explore Louisiana Lewis and Clark
Created by: The A-Man