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Columbus Sucks

Finding Found Lands P.1

Wrote Il Milione Marco Polo
Described the Yuan dynasty's paper currency Marco Polo
Was at Kubla Khan's court Marco Polo
Admiral of the Ocean Christopher Columbus
Francisco Bobadillo arrested and replaced this man Christopher Columbus
Wrote Book of Prophecies with Gaspar Gorricio Christopher Columbus
Founded Las Navidad on Hispaniola Christopher Columbus
Isabella and Ferdinand paid for this Genoese's trip Christopher Columbus
Took the Pinta, Nina, and Santa Maria to the New World Christopher Columbus
The John Day letter documented his trip John Cabot
His ship is named the "Matthew" John Cabot
Reached Newfoundland under commission of Henry VII John Cabot
Named a hill Montreal Jacques Cartier
Explored St. Lawrence River and the Gulf of St. Lawrence Jacques Cartier
First European to see the Great Lakes Samuel de Champlain
Founded Quebec Samuel de Champlain
Fought in Battle of Diu and Battle of Mactan Ferdinand Magellan
Killed in the Philippines by Lapu-Lapu during Mactan Ferdinand Magellan
Juan Sebastian took over his journey when he died Ferdinand Magellan
Antonio Pigafetta recorded his journeys Ferdinand Magellan
First one to circumnavigate the Earth Ferdinand Magellan
Feuded with governor Diego Velazquez Hernan Cortez
This man traveled with the interpreter "La Malinche" Hernan Cortez
Driven out during "La Noche Triste" Hernan Cortez
Destroyed the Aztec Empire for Charles V Hernan Cortez
Named an island "Island of the True Cross (Vera Cruz)" Pedro Cabral
Set up a factory in the Kingdom of Cochin and then razed it Pedro Cabral
Zamorin of Calicut didn't like it when he executed Muslims Pedro Cabral
Discovered Brazil for Portugal Pedro Cabral
Created by: The A-Man