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Computer Vocabulary

Shift Key Pressing this key at the same time you are pressing any other key and you will get a new character. For instance, press shift at the same time you press a letter and it will capitalize the letter.
Tab Key Just like a typewriter, this key helps you indent your text.
Function Keys Sometimes referred to as “F keys,” they are not as popular as they once were. But there’s one F key you can pretty much always count on: the F1 key. It will most often bring up a help menu, no matter what program you’re in.
Enter Key On your keyboard,this key might be marked as a “Return” key or with only a large arrow. It’s used to go down to a new line when typing text.
CTRL Key This key is used in conjunction with another key to initiate a certain action. In most programs, holding down this key while pressing the S key will save a file, CTRL+P will print a file, etc.
ALT Key Also used in combination with other keys to do something. For instance, ALT+F usually opens the File menu.
Caps Lock Press it once and when you type the letters they will all be capitalized. Press it again and the letters will go back to lower case.
Num Lock and Numeric Keypad This key toggles the numeric keypad on and off. When off, the keys perform other functions (i.e., directional arrows) instead of typing numbers.
Space Bar Used to enter a blank space between sentences when typing text.
Backspace This key will remove the character to the left of the cursor (the small blinking vertical line that shows you where you are on a page of text).
Insert Key No longer found on some keyboards. It’s a toggle key for either inserting text as you type (the default), or overwriting existing text.
Delete Pressing this key will remove the character to the right of the cursor when pressed.
Print Screen Pressing this key will send a copy of your monitor’s screen to the “clipboard” ready to be pasted into another program.
Created by: TeacherKrimmel