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Transform Phlegm /SC

Single Herbs B Final

Ban Xia (Cold Phlegm) Pinellia ternate. Slt. toxic, dries damp (SP & LU) profuse sputum and cough, harmonize SP/ST, stop vomit, dissipate nodules T=white, greasy coat P=slippery, soggy
Tian Nan Xing (Cold Phlegm) Arisaema consaguineum. "jack-in-the-pulpit" toxic, expectorant, analgesic, anti-convulsant, anti-tumor, dries damp (cough w/ sputum) dispel wind (convulsions) LV wind w/ phlegm (from channels too) Bell's Palsy, Traumatic injuries **No preggo, yin xu mostly used externally but internal with Ginger
Dan Nan Xing (Cold Phlegm) Arisaema consaguineum. toxic, prepared with bile (to emulsify phlegm) dispel wind and phlegm, **Infantile Convulsions, stroke, facial paralysis, **caution in preggo
Bai Fu Zi (Cold Phlegm) Typnonium giganteum. toxic, wind-phlegm, convulsion, spasm, GUIDe to HEAD&FACE, *INfantile convulsion, post stroke, nodules, scrofula. *caution in preggo, yin xu T=thick coat
Bai Jie Zi (Cold Phlegm) Brassica alba. "White Mustard Seed" Warms LU phlegm, Reg. Qi (copious thin white sputum), ** SAFE herb, chronic Dz, phlegm cold in channels w/ joint pain, body ache, opens & relaxes the LU
Xuan Fu Hua (Cold Phlegm) Inula japonica. expectorant, anti-nausea, activates H2o circulation, dissolves phlegm in LU, descends qi and stop vomit (cold damp in ST/SP) ** use cheesecloth to prep
Jie Geng (Hot Phlegm) Platycodon graniflorum. OPens LU, dispel phlegm (TIGHT chest), Neutral -->good for hot or cold, Sore throat w/ phlegm cough, LU pus and abscess, raises qi (diarrhea,hemorrhoids) Guides to throat & LU ** counteracts Long Dan Cao
Chuan Bei Mu (Hot Phlegm) Fritillaria cirhosa. $$$ Whooping Cough, expectorant, chronic dry cough, BIG FISH= yin xu cough, nodules, can be used in KIDS
Zhe Bei Mu (Hot Phlegm) Fritillaria thunbergii. dissolve phlegm, stop cough. strong SEDATING fxn for XS, good for LU yin Xu, classic in cough syrup, nodules, bronchitis, ** raw unprocessed herb is toxic and never used internally
Gua Lou Shi (Hot Phlegm) Tricosanthes kirilowii. dissolve phlegm, moisten dryness, moistens to help expectorate stuck mucus, good for INFANTS, reg. qi and expand chest, Heat below HT, nodules, moisten intestines
Gua Lou Ren (Hot Phlegm) Hypothyroid, lubricates intestines more than Gua Lou Shi, goof for LU heat constipation
Gua Lou Pi (Hot Phlegm) cough w/ LU heat and congestion, best plant part for antineoplastic
Tian Zhu Huang (Hot Phlegm) Bambusa textilis. Clears heat & phlegm, cools HT, stops convulsions, **Infantile Convulsions, mental disturbance, BIG FISH= mental dist. childhood seizure, hard to digest w/ Sheng Jiang juice
Zhu Ru (Hot Phlegm) Bambusa breviflora. "Bamboo Shavings" cough --> LU heat, VERY COOLING, XS heat, XU heat, Hot phlegm, GB fire, GB->ST = MJ disharmony, cools blood, BIG FISH=vomiting T=yellow greasy coat
Zhu Li (Hot Phlegm) Bambusa breviflora. "Bamboo Sap" penetrates channels to clear hot phlegm, stops cough (w/ small amount) Phlegm obstructing HT and sense organs, fainting, paralysis of limbs, hemiplegia
Hai Zao (Hot Phlegm) Sargassum pallidum. "Seaweed" Hypothyroid / Goitre, scrofula = LV fire drying body fluids + phlegm, Goiter=phlegm accum. thyroid, lymphadenitis, reduce swelling, anti-coag, lowers cholesterol, caution in SP/ST xu
Kun Bu (Hot Phlegm) Laminaria japonica. "Kelp" hypothyroid, goiter, enlarged thryoid, palpable masses, hyper or hypothyroid, Kun Bu and Hai Zao together for obesity, hypothyroid
Luo Han Guo (Hot Phlegm) Momordica grosemori. LU yin xu and LU dryness, VERY moistening, chronic cough, dry throat, acute or chronic tonsilitis, Generate body fluids, SUMMERHEAT TEA
Created by: bizziegold