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Calm Shen

Single Herbs B Final

Zhu Sha (Heavy Settler) Cinnabar Sedates HT, HT fire, T=Scarlet, oral ulcers, clears heat & toxins
Long Gu (Heavy Settler) Os draconis. Calms LV yang and anchors rising yang. (LV yin xu / LV wind) deviation, muscular rigidity, dizziness, anxiety, palp, Consolidate fluids (spont. sweat, sore lo back)
Suan Zao Ren (Nourish and Calm Shen) Ziziphus jujube. Nourish HT due to SP and LV sx's, Blood Xu insomnia, LV yin xu shen disturb, difficulty staying asleep (XS dreaming), PRevents sweating **contraindicated for phlegm, heat, preggo, diarrhea, EPI
Bai Zi Ren (Nourish & Calm) Platycladus orientalis. (Biota Seed) Nourish HT, HT Blood Xu insomnia, good for dry people, moistening, unblock bowels
Yuan Zhi (Nourish & Calm) Polygala tenuifolia. Pacify HT, strengthen HT qi and disperse stagnation, expel phlegm and clear orifices (seizure, disorientation, loss of hearing) expel phlegm LU (white sputum), reduce swelling & abscess **not in patient w/o phlegm, no preggo
He Huan Pi (Nourish & Calm) Albizzia julibrissin. LVqi constraint (PMS, short temper) *Car Crash Herb, invig. blood and reduce swelling, txt vomiting of sputum and blood, TRAUMA
He Huan Hua (Nourish & Calm) Albizzia Flower Relieves LV, Regulate Qi, Harmonize ST, Chest epig. fullness, Xu insomnia ** one of best for severe depression, anger, paranoia, more uplifting than He Huan Pi
Ling Zhi (Nourish & Calm) Ganoderma lucidum. (Reishi Mushroom) stim. immune system, benefit the HT, cancer, degenerative dz. Contrandicated for autoimmune dz
Xiao Mai (Nourish & Calm) Triticum aestivum. (Wheat) Nourish HT, relieve irritability, Zong Zao --> restless organ syndrome, worry melancholy, XS dreaming, promotes urination
Ye Jiao Teng (Nourish & Calm) Polygonum multiflorum. Slt. Bitter, Nourish HT (Blood xu) open channels & collaterals, dispell wind, soreness & pain --> blood xu
Calm Shen Herbs txt: Emotional disturbance, sleep imbalance, physical HT problems
XS signs for Calm Shen irritability, anxiety, insomnia, HA, Chest Congestion, red eyes, bitter taste T=yellow coat P=slippery, rapid
XU signs for Calm Shen dizziness, lightheadedness, palpitations, restlessness, fearful, forgetful, nightsweats T=pale P=thready
Created by: bizziegold