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Comptia A+ 901 1.2

Comptia A+ 901 1.2 motherboard types

What four things do all motherboards have in common? Standard physical sizes, basic layouts, Power connections, need for airflow
What is the order from largest to smallest with ATX, and ITX ? Standard ATX, Micro- ATX, Mini- ITX, Nano- ITX, Pico-ITX
What does ATX stand for? Advanced Technology Extended
What power connectors are on the ATX motherboard? 20 pin connector, and 24 pin connector with an additional 4/8 pin connector
Name 4 ways ATX differed from the AT motherboard? It had a built in rear panel with ports. Position of power supply created better air movement. CPU and RAM easier access & closer to Northbridge. Rearrangement prevented long expansion cards from colliding with CPU or Northbridge.
What is a DIP switch? (Dual Inline Package switches) Helped to manually configure the clock speed and multiplier on older systems.
What is CPUID? CPU's report to the motherboard their speed and multiplier and it's set automatically.
What is the size of the ATX motherboards? 12" x 9.6"
What is the size of the micro ATX motherboard? 9.6" x9,6"
What are two difference between ATX and ITX? Smaller and less power needs
What is the size of the mini- ITX motherboards? 6.7" x 6.7"
What is the size of the Nano- ITX motherboards? 4.7" x 4.7"
What is the size of the Pico- ITX motherboards? 3.8"x 2.8"
Troubleshoot this scenario: The user complains the PC just won't boot. Upon investigation the power and hard drive activity light are not working. What are two things that you should check first? Power supply and motherboard
A user purchases a new computer and it works great for about a month and then stops working. What most likely happened? Burn-in failure due to a shock of ESD
A user complains that sometime their hard drive works and then sometimes it doesn't show up. When you are investigating you notice that hard drive is accessible in the CMOS auotdetect but inaccessible in Windows. What could be a possible explanation? Faulty connection of the controller on the motherboard
If you diagnose the motherboard to be damaged what are three options you have to repair? Flash the BIOS, replace components, replace the motherboard
What are four other components available on motherboards? USB/Firewire, onboard sound chips, RAID controllers, CPU fan power connector (3 prong)
Created by: MelCrab