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Th1 Mulan_3rd_2017

armor body covering, often of metal, worn for protection in battle
comrades companions who share one's activities
endured put up with or lasted through
farewell goodbye
triumphant successful
stroops soldiers
victorious having won by defeating another
sorrowful very sad
sighs long, deep breaths exhaled by a person, often because of sadness
invaders enemy attackers from another country
troops soldiers
draft selection of people to serve the army
scrolls rolls of paper for writing
frail weak
bridle straps, bit, and reins placed on a horses head and used for control while riding
bank ground along the edge of a river or lake
dusk the time of evening just before dark
harsh extremely unpleasent
ravaged violently destroyed
summoned asked to come
bestow give or award
swift fast
escort to travel along with, usually to provide protection or show respect
astonished very surprised; amazed
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