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Stewart Prehistory

Stewart and Tangretti Unit 1

artifacts Hand-made objects from an earlier time
culture A way of life, based on customs, traditions, etc.
Paleolithic Age Stone age
Neolithic Age New stone age
Technology Advancements in the way of life
Homo sapiens Early man-modern day human
Nomads A person that roams from place to place in search of food with no permanent home
Hunter-Gatherers Early man hunted for food and women gathered fruits and berries to eat
Neolithic Revolution Time period where humans transitioned to farming and permanent settlements
Slash-and-burn Method Land is clear cut and any remaining vegetation burned. The resulting layer of ash provides the newly-cleared land with a nutrient-rich layer to help fertilize crop
Domestication The process of taming an animal and keeping it as a pet or on a farm
Civilization An advanced state of human society, in which a high level of culture, science, industry, and government has been reached.
Specialization Becoming an expert in a specific skill or job
Artisans Good at creating with own hands
Institution A long-standing organization
Scribes People who write down the spoken word
Cuneiform Wedge-shaped writing used in Mesopotamia
Bronze Age Time period when tools were made from Bronze
Barter Trading goods
ziggurat Step-like pyramid used in Mesopotamia for worship
Created by: Mrs Bennett