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6 Narnia

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader questions

Author of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader C. S. Lewis
Who was so terrible he "almost deserved" his name? Eustace Clarence Scrubb
How did Eustace, Lucy, and Edmund enter Narnia? By falling into a painting
On which island did greed greatly affect one voyager's appearance? Dragon Island
All things dipped in the water on this island turn to solid gold. Deathwater Island
By getting to know Him in Narnia it is possible to know Him by His other name in the real world. Aslan
During this book, who is the current ruler of the land of Narnia? Prince Caspian
The sweet waters of the End of the World are the last place this brave creature is seen by anyone. Reepicheep
Seeing these creatures in the water alongside the ship could have caused great chaos on board the Dawn Treader. Sea people
After his time on the Dark Island, where dreams come true, only in this dreamless state could Lord Rhoop's find true rest. Sleep
Ramandu, who takes care of his own island at the beginning of the end of the world, is retired from this unique profession. A star
Becoming this creature helped young Eustace to begin to change for the better A dragon
Reading this solved a problem for the funny little creatures that populate the Island of the Voices. The Magician's Book
This has been abolished, or canceled, in the land of Narnia for many years, but the Lone Islands still practice it at auction when Prince Caspian and his crew arrive. Slavery
What problem presented itself on the Island of the Voices as the Dawn Treader's crew attempted to face their loud, but "unsightly" enemy? Invisibility
The series in which this is chronologically book five. The Chronicles of Narnia
While a miserable young man undergoes dragon-size problems, Reepicheep becomes this to him, which is most unexpected. A friend
This is the setting and mode of transportation found predominantly throughout this novel. The Dawn Treader
Reepicheep, the honorable Chief of his kind, is a brave, chivalrous example of what kind of creature? Mouse
Eustace kept this for all of his whining and complaining at the beginning of his journey. A diary
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