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Channel Theory Basic

Transporting qi & blood thru body & rendering it an integrated whole 12 primary channels
Protecting the body 12 primary channels
Responding to dysfunction in the body 1)Diseases in channels 2)Diseases of the zang fu organs reflecting on the channels 3) diseases transmitting via the channels 4) visibly show disease 12 primary channels
Order of the channels from most superficial to deepest 1)Cutaneous 2)Minute collaterals 3) Sinew 4)Luo Connecting 5) Primary 6)Divergent 7)Extraordinary 8) Deep pathways of primary & divergent chans
The 3 yin channels of the hand begin and end: begin: chest; end: hand
The 3 yin channels of the foot begin and end: begin: foot; end: chest/flank
The 3 yang channels of the hand begin and end: begin: hand; end: head
The 3 yang channels of the foot begin and end: begin: face (around eye); end: foot
They are meridians that branch off the 12 primary channels & penetrate into the body cavities. Divergent
They DO NOT have specific points of their own Divergent
Strengthen the yin & yang relationships between internally-externally paired channels & zang fu organs. They strengthen the bonds between the primary channels Divergent
They distribute qi & blood to the head & face. Divergent
They integrate areas of the body that are not supplied or interconnected by other channels. They strengthen the bonds between the channel & the areas it traverses. Divergent
They help explain the clinical actions of some commonly used acupuncture points Divergent
They integrate all parts of the body with the 12 primary channels Divergent
They act as reservoirs to absorb excess qi & blood from the 12 primary channels. Extra
They link the 12 primary chans Extra
They protect the body from exterior pathogenic factors Extra
They function independently from the 12 primary channels Extra
They branch from the Primary Chans and the Extraordinary chans Luo
How many Luo Channels are there? 15 --> 12 primary, ren, du, Great Luo of Sp
They strengthen the connections between internally-externally paired channels & zang fu Luo
Circulate on the outside of the body Sinew
Originate at the extremities & ascend to the head & trunk Sinew
Follow the course of their associated primary chan, but are wider & more superficial Sinew
They do NOT penetrate to the zang fu organs Sinew
They reflect disturbances of the primary channel Sinew
Can be injured themselves by traumatic injury or attack by exterior pathogen. Sinew
Are there specific points on the sinew chan? No
List the ways to access the Sinew channels? Shallow needle insertion (ahshi); Cupping; Moxa; Plum blossom needling; Dermal needling; Guasha
They are distributed over the broad surfaces of the skin. Minute collaterals
They help qi & blood reach every part of the body. Minute collaterals
They are not channels, but instead skin regions 12 cutaneous
Provide the invasion pathway for exogenous pathogenic factors 12 cutaneous
Manifest disorders of deeper lying channels with such symptoms as *Abnormal skin sensations *Skin lesions *Discoloration -White (Deficiency & Cold) -Red (Heat) -Blue/Green (Pain) 12 cutaneous
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