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Audio Editing Terms

EQ Process of adjusting various audio frequencies to correct and enhance sound.
normalization Change audio overall volume by a fixed amount to reach a target level; used to match volumes and get max volume.
compression Reduces the dynamic range of your recording by bringing down the level of the loudest parts, meaning the loud and quiet parts are now closer together in volume and the natural volume variations are less obvious.
amplitude Loudness or intensity of sound at any given moment.
clipping Occurs when a signal exceeds a systems headroom and results in distortion.
gain Amplification effect of a sound by increasing the power of the signal.
de-ess Process of decreasing overmodulated "s" sounds in a recorded voice.
noise gate Turns off a signal path when an input signal is below a specified value, often used to remove background noise.
sample rate Measured in kHz.
reverb The way sound waves reflect off various surfaces before reaching the listener's ear, resulting in a sort of "echo" effect.
lossless Audio codecs that can reduce audio file size to half the original but kept at full quality
lossy Audio codecs that can get audio file size to around 1/10th of the original size but are reduced-quality
codec This can reduce an audio file size by encoding the data more efficiently
stereo When audio has two channels, a left and right
mono When audio has only one channel
44.1 kHz Standard sample rate for CD audio
48 kHz Standard sample rate for DVD audio
OGG The three audio types playable by browsers--mp3, wav, and this
FLAC The most popular lossless compressed audio format
MP3 The most widely used audio format, which is lossy and compressed but most supported
artifacts Sounds that may be heard when compressing audio (clicks, pops, etc.) are called this
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