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Dance 101

mother of modern dance isadora duncan
believed that movements should be drawn from nature; the "first hippie" isadora duncan
her technique was made up of movements like hopping, skipping, running, leaping isadora duncan
wanted to free the body from the confines of ballet isadora duncan
liked to dance in sheer tunics and barefoot isadora duncan
began choreographing after seeing advertisement with Egyptian goddess Isis ruth st. denis
married to ted shawn ruth st. denis
married to ruth st. denis ted shawn
established "Jacob's Pillow" in Massachusetts as an all male dance company ted shawn
father of german modern dance rudolf von laban
developed system of notating dance which consists of notating space, efforts, and shapes rudolf von laban
system of notating dance which consists of notating space, efforts and shapes labanotation, or laban movement analysis
female student and then teacher at denishawn doris humphrey
these two established a school and developed a technique based on fall and recovery with a strong emphasis on balance and the pull of gravity doris humphrey and charles weidman
denishawn student who established her own school in 1927 martha graham
company that was all female, now some males martha graham school of contemporary dance
her dances were based on psychological dramas with themes from greek mythology, american pioneers, and american indians martha graham
dance techniques based on system of contraction and releases of the center of the body martha graham
rebelled against the dance styles of times by using a flexed foot as well as an extended foot, with parallel and turned out foot positions martha graham
student of balanchine; choreographed for Ballet Caravan(NYC Ballet) erick hawkins
martha graham's first male dancer; married martha graham erick hawkins
founded his own company and school in 1951 erick hawkins
technique was "free flow", based on fluid and effortless movements erick hawkins
her first dance was entitled "negro rhapsody" katherine dunham
began black performance dance; combined native caribbean and modern dance katherine dunham
appeared in musical theatre, and movie musicals katherine dunham
rhythmic style was influential on jazz dance katherine dunham
used dance as a motion rather than an emotion alwin nikolais
dances were called "non-literal" and abstract alwin nikolais
works combined his skills of choreography, composing, set designing, lighting designing, and costume designing alwin nikolais
student of lester horton alvin ailey
developed his own company in the mid 50s in New York alvin ailey
combined modern, jazz, and world dance alvin ailey
alvin ailey's most acclaimed dance; depicts religious heritage of the african american revelations
performed in the first company of dunham talley beatty
choreography combines modern and jazz techniques and reveals racial injustices suffered by african americans talley beatty
father of post-modern dance merce cunningham
student of martha graham; created his own company in 1953 merce cunningham
technique uses the spine as a spring and can coil, twist, and turn, causing many direction changes and shifts of weight merce cunningham
he used his trademark of "chance and indeterminacy" to arrange movements merce cunningham
collaborated with avant garde composer john cage and artist robert rauchenberg merce cunningham
this type of dance can be traced back to africa jazz dance
presentations in the 1830s that showcased black songs and dances, and the cakewalk "the minstrel shows"
most significant era to jazz dance history "vaudeville" era
popular child dancers during the vaudeville era bill bojangles robinson and sammie davis jr.
important jazz period that performed in exclusive clubs in harlem harlem renaissance
time period in america during jazz renaissance roaring 20s
time period included dances called the "charleston" and the "black bottom" roaring 20s
nicknames for women who wore short, fringed dresses and danced the "charleston" flappers
father of jazz dance jack cole
one of jazz's most famous choreographers bob fosse
choreographer of chicago, all that jazz, and cabaret bob fosse
created "jazz dance world congress" to preserve and expand the world of jazz dance gus giordano
dance used to enhance the storyline and move the storyline along was produced through..... the American Musical Theatre dance
pioneer of musical theatre choreography agnes de mille
married agnes de mille cecil de mille
famous breakthrough musical created by agnes de mille in 1943 oklahoma
choreographer of "west side story" jerome robbins
the two main venues to see musical theatre in the 1950s theatrical stage and movie musicals
choreographer of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" michael peters
choreographer of broadway musical "the lion king" garth fagan
type of dancing combined from irish jig, english clog, and the negro shuffle tap dancing
style of tap dance that uses acrobatic movements "flash acts"
style of tap dance that calls attention to intricate footwork "hoofers"
style of tap dance that executes steps in a refined manner, with elegant body movements "class acts"
famous tap dancing movie that stars mikhail baryshnikov and features gregory hines "white nights"
tap danced with shirley temple and the movie "rebecca of sunnybrook farm" bill bojangles robinson
famous singer, tap dancer, and actor from vaudeville era; known as one of america's best ever all-around dancers sammie davis jr.
america's most popular dancing couple; combined tap, ballroom, and ballet fred astaire and ginger rogers
he was a choreographer, tap dancer, actor, and singer; known for dancing on the ceiling and also with a hat rack fred astaire
famous for his role in "singing in the rain" gene kelly
child star of broadway's "the tap dance kid" savion glover
choreographed broadway's "bring in da noise, bring in da funk" savion glover
"points in space", "movement for movement's sake", "chance choreography" merce cunningham
born in 1942, used relaxed torso and dynamically changing limbs twyla tharp
improv is the core of this type of dance jazz dance
choreographed "a chorus line" michael bennett
famous vaudeville dancer and choreographer seymour felix
female african american dancer and actress josephine baker
1921 negro musical "shuffle along"
1866, considering first musical theatre "the black crook"
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