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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 3&4

Where does the White Witch live? between the 2 hills
What does Edmund say about his trip into Narnia with Lucy? that they were pretending
Why do Peter and Susan go to speak with the Professor? because they think Lucy might be going mad
How does Edmund reveal that he has been to Narnia before? he suggests that they head for the lamp-post
What has happened to Mr. Tumnus the faun, according to the notice in his house? he has been arrested by the Secret Police
What token does Mr. Beaver have in his possession to show he is a friend? Lucy's handkerchief
What has Mr. Beaver made that the children admire? a dam
Who is Aslan? the King of the Beasts
How many thrones are at Cair Paravel waiting to be filled? Four
Where are the children supposed to meet Aslan? at the Stone Table
Who sneaks away from the Beavers' home? Edmund
How does the White Witch punish those who turn against her? she turns them into stone
Created by: Tabilee