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A+ (9th Edition) Ch1

What are 6 types of Video Ports? DB15 (VGA) S-Video DVI HDMI DisplayPort Thunderbolt
Which USB port is faster, Hi-Speed or SuperSpeed? SuperSpeed 3.0
What type of output does S/PDIF port provide? Digital Audio
What is the purpose of an expansion slot on a motherboard? To fit an expansion card to add more available ports than originally provided by the motherboard.
In the U.S. what should the dual-voltage setting be on the PSU? 115V
What is the best way to determine if a cable inside a computer is a data and instruction cable or a power cable? Power cords are rounded and usually come from the power supply where data and instruction cables are flat.
What technology standard is commonly used today for hard drives to interface with the motherboard in a system? SATA
How many pins did the first P1 power connector to the motherboard have that was used with the original ATX? 20
What type of expansion slot requires extra power so that four more pins had to be added to the older 20-pin P1 power connector? PCIe (PCI Express)
What device might require extra power so that it uses the 12v 6-pin power connector? What two locations might you find the connector? -High End Video Card 1. On the video card 2. On the motherboard
What is the purpose of the 4-pin auxiliary connector? To provide more power (+12V) to the processor.
What is the purpose of the 4-pin Molex connector? Adds power to older IDE and some of the newer SATA (+5V or +12V)
Created by: ChaseLawson